Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

Having become something of a Zealot about blogging, I first apologize for the number of posts I make on any given day, but ---"GOTTA BLOG!!"---just have to strike while the mind is in gear, unfortunately unable to control what station I'm broadcasting from---like I said earlier, I'm harmless and SOMETIMES, I actually do get a few chuckles from those listening to me--hmm or maybe they are just laughing AT the clown, not "with" him.? (I flash on the broadway song title, "Send In The Clowns"----with the following line in the lyrics, "---never mind they are already here".

Are we oldsters dumb?---no. Perhaps we are just better mannered and know HOW to conduct ourselves in public? A number of years ago, the movie "Singing In The Rain" was released to the public to view, staring Gene Kelly, Debby Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor. Its a Classic----it begins with a actor, Played by Gene Kelly, describing his early times getting discovered as a actor, relationships etc, and in the dialog its repeated a number of times, that everything they did, was--with dignity in mind, always "Dignity"---I mention all this as today's younger generation , the "me, me" generation---could care less how they appear to others, for they never look out, only inwards---they have no idea how the world sees THEM, in they're view they are always correct-----its they're way or the highway---Britney Spears is a good example---so misunderstood, its everybody Else's fault--- whining-----Us older dudes kinda shake our heads--try not to laugh out loud, ----remember the old maxim?---spoil the rod spoil the child?"-----well they're ya go.

Programing for television is based on people under 40 deciding what those in age group 15- 25 will watch?---so what do we get?----reality shows, lots of cleavage, and no acting skills, no script writing required, so the "Me, Me" generation can relate. ----"They" have dumbed us down to accept this programing---but MY generation goes reluctantly into the good night (and WE control the bucks) I think its time for the silent and put upon oldsters like myself to rise up and start swinging the hammer, and damn the torpedoes---full speed ahead!!


  1. I'm with you Gary. I think that's why I keep watching less and less TV and spend more time on the net. At least we can have an intellegent discourse here.

  2. I think it comes from to much therapy. I'm just old enough to have escapes the go get therapy blame your parents mentality. I know they weren't perfect, but I'm alive, so they couldn't have been TOO bad. If we got rid of all of the therapy in the world, today's meme kids might figure out there are other things going on.

  3. I agree with you Gary. Today's generation is the ME generation. It really saddens me to see my Grandchildren sometimes. They want it all and they want it NOW. I like to call it the Burger King Generation..."Have it your way and have it right now".
    Speaking of generations, I got to thinking...just how many years makes up a generation? 10? 18? 20?
    Can you tell me? I'd like to know who's genertion I'm in! I do know I'm a "baby boomer".. although my parents only "boomed" twice. I have only one older brother. Have a great day!

  4. I hate to rain on your parade, but I am of the opinion that every "younger" generation comes off like you describe. There seems to be a rule that old farts and young farts have this antagonism thing going. We love to not get along.

    When I was young and dumb I knew it all. Old foggies were losers and needed to get with the program. Life changes, they don't.

    Okay, so now I am a rookie old fart and realize that most of what I thought back then was at best misguided and more often flat out wrong. Maybe it's a matter of wisdom and the years it takes many of us to acquire it.

    Our culture pushes "youth" as the most wonderful thing there is. With the exception of the physical advantages, I find "youth" as being highly overrated. People do some of the dumbest things to themselves to try and capture that cow that has left the barn a long time ago. As long as being young is what people aspire to, old farts will be cast into the dustbin.

    The thing is most of us don't seem to care enough to throw our considerable influence at the problem. That is changing. Seniors are fitter and more engaged than ever before. I think it is so very cool.

  5. Mrmacrum your both right and wrong. Your right each up coming generation argues that things are different for them than it was when their parents were there age, so yes there is THAT generational gap. But your wrong about what values they ultimately adopt as adults. The current generation of adults to be, are self centered,( "---whats in it for me, and if there is nothing in it for me, forget about it") The upcoming generatin has no moral base, its totally a "me first" generation.

  6. First, I want to tell Gary that I've been following a blog that earns the woman over $40,000 per MONTH!! Can you imagine? And she just posts about her infernal daughter. She has been on so many television specicals like GOOD MORNING AMERICA and NIGHTLINE and appeared in TIME MAGAZINE.

    I just wanted to depress you further where our blogs are concerned. hee hee

  7. It's unreal the number of reality shows that are on right now ... and honestly they are pretty DUMB reality shows too.

    We watch Discovery, TLC and the Travel Channel alot in our house. If anything at all is on about Alaska, my husband DVRs it and we watch it together.

    I do confess to enjoying "The Next Foodnetwork Star" and "Nashville Star".

  8. when I speak of "television" I am talking about what is broadcast free to the viewers ---not to be confused with pay TV cable broadcasts. Those shows done with good writing, directing and acting---that us seniors on fixed income can't afford to watch)


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