Thursday, June 5, 2008

What Goes Around, Comes Around----

I'm 71 now, (mentally about 40-ish, and in my head maybe even younger---yeahh aint fantasy great?). Trying to learn how to blog , get plugged into/with the blogging genre. I can type, I can think,therefore I am---First rule one learns, is --your nothing, well your something, but then so are the other Zillion like ya, I aint got time for ya. Becoming a blogger, is not unlike joining the rush of Lemmings to throw themselves over a cliff.---its exhilarating, its a wild sense of belonging, (except your not sure just what), ---I am finding, its not a good environment in which to ask "WHY" questions. By asking "why" questions, your immediately pigeon holed as a beginner, a novice----(not somebody anybody wants to be associated with, or seen in public with) (think teenage angst, times ten---EEEK)

Okay, so how is the new blogger beginner to survive, grow and prosper? (prosperity in the sense of enjoying his blogging experience, not so much make money at it). The answer my friends is written on the wind and where the hell didI begin to lapse into song lyrics by "Peter, Paul & Mary" ??---(nevermind)

YOU as the blogger, (and never forget this people, stiff upper lip and all that jazz),control the horizontal, and the vertical, its YOUR Blog---but like in the movie "Gypsy", like the experienced strippers told her---if your blog is to move up and outta the small pond to the big one---"YOUSE GOTTA HAVE A GIMMICK".

Well not a stripper here--but--?? ---yeah I wanna leap into the big pond, wanna shout hey WORLD look at me---end result is most likely I will be eaten by a whale, like so much plankton---but for me that will be saying "HELLO to Jonah"---another chapter to add to all the others in my 71 years and counting life-------question is---do whales have good taste?

Meanwhile, each day I will endeavor to learn, --trial and error work---some day I will break out of the small pond ---but rest assured I will remember all my friends, family ---and how it was beginning at blogging.-----send in the clowns, never mind they are already here----


  1. OK Gary. Now you're startin' to scare me. "Come over here by Auntie Dana.....I have a cookie for you."


    *putting the straight jacket on Gary now*

    "Ready the electrodes!"

    "Fasten your seatbelts and place your trays in the upright position. This is going to be a bumpy ride."

    "Now, back away from the keyboard like a nice little boy."

  2. Enjoy you blog and hope I can catch up.
    GJG send in the clowns.

  3.'s only a BLOG for petes sake. Don't get your bunns in an uproar. You don't need all those bells and whistles...we enjoy your blog just the way it is. I read it for your humor and witty outlook on life.

  4. I read quite few "famous" bloggers... not because they're famous but because I like their writing style and what they have to say. Which is, by the way, how they got to be famous in the first place.

    But all writers, regardless of the venue, have the same advice for those of us teasing ourselves with the prospect: write what you know, and write for yourself first and foremost. Especially bloggers, who by their very nature are narcissistic little buggers, must be mostly satisfied to be their own audience. Because the larger pond is actually an ocean, and right now we're more like plankton than actual fish...

  5. Hey Gary don't feel bad. I put a link to your site in my sidebar and got the code wrong. I'm sure you had similar setbacks when you worked on the bat wing plane. Like I said before it takes time. Most of these big fish have been out there since the 90's. I happened to tie into one of the bigger blogs about 4 or 5 years ago but I really like smaller blogs. Like Yogy Berra would say "that place is so popular nobody goes there anymore".
    Now you're sounding like the young folk you were talking about the other day. They want it all but don't want to work for it.

  6. dana is right on target. You're starting to make me nervous dude. Take a breath. See, isn't that better now?

  7. "oooh, OOOOH, you like me, your really really like me" ----I wanna thank all the lil people that helped me, Judi for turning me on to blogging, Alexi, Mrmacrum, Dana, Carol, Wendy, Missy (of Missy's blog), I am sure I am forgetting some names,but you all know who you are---I'm just stunned---you like me, your really like me !!" (bless You Sally Fields for that wonderful oscar acceptance speech I have just played off of)

  8. I can't even get a blog counter on mine, so don't feel bad at least you have a feed.

  9. GJG, I'm suspecting that you are a fiesty 'old codger' that wants to know everything there is about anything that peaks your interest. Hahaha, I think that's great! It's the drive and desire to find out whats around the corner that keeps things interesting for sure.

    Blogging to me is several things. Finding my voice among the world, even though I'm so small as to not even be noticed. Getting things off my back. Helping me to think things through a bit more than I would without writing.

    I'd also like to make some money along the way, why not?!?!?! It's the american way, right?

    It looks to me like you are on the right path to be a bigger fish...some things just take a little time. With the right people behind you (and the right mindset, which you appear to have), anything is possible.

    Keep up the posting! You're going to have many fans and readers before you know it.

  10. I don't know what you are always whining about. You look like you are doing ok to me. Geez someone give this guy a cookie. :)


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