Sunday, June 1, 2008

More PIcs of the Party

The pic on the upper left is Sherri, Jenifer, the old dude, and Melanie. The Upper right is Jenifer, my nephew Eric's wife, (sorry its so blurry Jen), the lower left pic is the other blogger at the Party my Niece Tish. , and finally the lower right is , the Birthday boy himself, Bill (the one with the death grip on his wine glass on the right), along with friends of his, (sorry I didn't get their names).---all in all I believe there were approximately 35-40 people at the party.


  1. Looks like ya'll had a blast! Thanks for sharing your pics with us all

  2. You have a lovely family. I would never guess you to be in your 70's.

  3. Looks like ya'll had a great time! Thanks for sharing.

  4. looks like a great party,
    look out there will be one in august when i come out.
    thanks for sharing the pics.


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