Friday, June 27, 2008


---if you have never seen the movie , "Singing in the Rain", you owe it to yourself to view it. Not only is it an entertaining movie, its teaches a lot about life----that is to say lessons of life that REALLY need to be taught. but I am ahead of myself as usual (gosh its boring to have to go back and take the time to explain what the excitement is all about---thank goodness I had the sense to avoid becoming a teacher---I do not have the patience for that selfless task). The movie in question, stars a number of major Movie Stars (real movie stars not to be confused with the do one movie, and then live off the film at eleven reports about alcoholism, drugs, etc, etc, etc,, that pass as stars today). STARS like Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor, Cyd Charisse-------if these names do not stir you---then you are poorly educated and are to be pitied. This line from the movie I am focused on here is , "-----dignity, always dignity!!"

The point of this blog being---Blogging is to pass on knowledge, not so much as to what YOU know, trust me the Library of congress knows more, so much as to pass on all that makes up YOU. ALL YOU can do is hope is that somebody cares enough to read it---if they don't, they don't---I didn't build a pyramid either---so there we are.

What ya post here---well gives the readers a better understanding of what YOU were all about, what made YOU laugh or cry or bored ya to death----maybe, just maybe, it will give them enough about YOU for them to----well just understand YOU better. OH MAN, AM I GOING NUTS WITH HOW THAT MIGHT GO IN REGARDS TO MY FAMILY----(relax people I am not about to go over THAT cliff-----doesn't need to be gone over anyway---and for that I say thanks---and I mean it too)

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH------gosh hadn't planned on getting so maudlin---not sure where that came from----but anyway I sure do approve of blogging, its fun, its recreational and ----keeps me off the streets.

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  1. Blogging isn't always about us. Then again maybe it is. I sometimes blog about things I'm passionate about. One can learn a lot from that.


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