Friday, June 13, 2008

You Like me , you REALLY LIKE ME

I want to thank all those that responded to my request about giving me a review, and all the kind words of encouragement. I can only say that I will endeavor to do my best to meet your expectations. I especially wish to thank Rose DesRochers for awarding me a "Shannon", (for those that are new to blogging the Shannon award is given out periodically to bloggers for their body of posts ---and is basically an award, giving them an "E" for excellence.

I would be totally remiss if I didn't also thank Judi, who introduced me to Blog, (thanks Judi, and I MEAN IT), and to Missy, who in her blog is a steady source of upbeat attitude, Mrmacrum for his down to earth witty takes on life, Wendy , who I didn't know was part of my family, til she was kind enough to step forward and comment on my first initial blog post, and I also want to thank Dana,who by her own wild posts on her blog, kind of inspires this old dude to keep on blogging. OOH ooh, and I must not forget Sue-----who always makes me smile with her posts and comments.--

OOOOH NOOOOO!!!, they are taking the microphone away ----thank you, thank you , thank you everyone (and thanks to Sally Fields who made the original "you like me you really like me" speech when accepting her Oscar.


  1. So, what else did Rose give you besides the award? Money? A kiss on the cheek? I'm jealous of just the "E for excellence" cuz I don't have ANYTHING. Well, I have YOU and YOU mention ME and I truly appreciate it. We're tight.

  2. "----and don't ya forget it darlin"

  3. I gave him lots of free advice. lol :)

    Gig you deserve the award even when you appear moody. lol

    Dana it looks like you got your award. Congrats.

  4. Flashing on a piece of poetry here---when I'm good Im very good, and when I'm bad I'm horrid---?? maybe I am paraphrasing some??---well hey old here---got SO MUCH in the old memory banks---gets kinda confusing ----you gotta use the right KEY words---ya know??

  5. I'm honored to be mentioned in your "thank you" speech! I sometimes wonder if I'm steppin on any "old dude" toes or if you understand my
    Most the time I know I'm bein a smart a--, but that's the fun of it! Who else can I give a hard time to but bloggin friends? lol
    ANDDDDD.... now I have Dana's blog to read because of you..thanx "old dude" you're the best!!

    PS...your bloggin place looks better than mine, but since no one asked to see mine I'm in luck, otherwise I'd have to actually clean it.

  6. Congratulations on your "E for Excellent" award!

    You know ... you can post your award on your blog ... and you should do that!!

    And thank you, thank you, thank you for the mention of thanks. That was very nice!!!

  7. I tried to capture the Award Pic, but my computer won't open it, once I have downloaded it??


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