Thursday, June 19, 2008


Good morning bloggers, gonna be another warm day here in Sherman Oaks, a great day for staying indoors and sucking up the air conditioning, staying cool and exchanging comments with other bloggers. Now having said that----my posts are all open, let the comments flow-----. While we wait for the comments to pour in, I just wanna say, Thanks Sue for all your previously made comments, always perky, always upbeat (I think of them as being Pink in color)----always glad to get them.

Comments come in all sizes and tones, it the very nature of their variety that makes the collecting of comments a terrific hobby. Example being , look at the nature of the comments I have collected on my posts from Dana, one can see the vibrancy and color of her prose (a hot blue color) .

Then there are those inputted words of good (a comfortable brown tone)advice one receives from Mrmacrum----always based on common sense and real life experience (for a young'un that is), ---always enjoy their reading that's for sure.

One can only think of Missy's bubbling inputs as being hot yellow, one can feel the positive energy radiating through her comments. (Perky, perky, perky!!)

Anyway you now have the idea of it, one never knows what color any given comment might take upon its appearance, but one can be pretty darn sure one will get exposed to the whole rainbow plus when one posts, reads other blogs and leave your own comments.

Add a little color to your life, visit the rest of the colorful blogs you see I have listed under Spunky thinkers---and like the lady said, "Life is a banquet and some poor suckers are starving to death" (The lady in question being of course "Aunte Mame", as played by the one and only Rosalind Russell)


  1. Gary ... I love that you chose yellow as the "color" of my comments. I try to live a positive life ... enjoying it to the fullest. Perky, huh? Not so sure about that. (smile).

    And about the comment on my blog about what I will do when Griffin begins school ...

    I'm not sure if you know this or not, but I own a little business. I create Paper Piecings for scrapbookers and sell them on Ebay. I only work when Griffin is napping during the day or at night when he's asleep. He keeps me very busy during the day, so really it's impossible to work when he's awake. Anyway ... I do plan to work the two days a week that he's in school. Granted it's only 3 hours each day ... but still 6 more hours each week than I have to work right now.

    But ... my friend ... he will only attend school two days a week. We will still have Monday, Wednesday and Friday to do fun things! Woo Hoo ... my little social butterfly of a boy and I will still do lots of fun things on those days!

  2. gjg,
    Love your blog and hope I can stay in the swing of things.
    Look forward to seeing you in August.

  3. Color ME EXCITED, thinking about that Joyce.

  4. Awww..thanx Gary for makin me a
    "Perky Pink". Now I was gonna be a real smart a-- and do my comment in pink type...but blogger being blogger it won't allow me to do it.
    I suspect someone taught you to add the colored text (or you being the brainy guy you are figured it out) and that was "part" of the reason to add some color to your post. Which looks great btw. I have to tell you how I found the tag to make the type pink.
    Go up top next to "edit" and hit the view button. Click on "source" and this very confusing page with html comes up. Then hit F3 button on the keyboard and it brings up a window to "find" a word. I then typed in my name (sue) and the code for the pink color and my name was there for me to copy! Not sure if you know this if you do...just ignore me. If not..maybe you can teach an old dog a new trick!!
    Loved Mame with Rosalind Russell, but I also loved her in Gyspy! One of my all time fav movies...could watch it over and over again.

  5. wow, thats to complex for me Sue,---for me I just hit "new post" and then on that screen I use the tool bar that comes with it---run your cursor over the symbals, they tell ya what they are for----thats how I found out how to do links, as well as change the color of text---but do it whatever way is the easiest for you.

  6. Gary, interesting post. I wonder what color you would associate me with.


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