Saturday, June 7, 2008

IF Man can Think It---its only a matter of time til IT is so. (SCARY)

One might laugh at the genre of Science Fiction , and when I talk of Science Fiction, I am talking about HARD Science, not the dungeons and fire breathing dragons fantasy crap ---that tries to pass itself off as science fiction today. Yet as time progresses so much of Science FICTION, has become reality. I need only mention Jules Vern, who wrote about atomic submarines, and going to the moon long long before man invented such realities. So today we fantasize tomorrow could well be tomorrows reality. (that's scary). You might too have followed the comic strip "Dick Tracy, with the evolution of the TV/Phone wrist communicator ---look around ya people, video phones are everywhere. So ask yourself---where's mankind going----think about it?

The Movie, "The Time Machine", (the original one, with Rod Taylor starring, based on the Novel by H.G.Wells)---best illustrates what our present day world trends--appear to be moving toward.---or maybe----

Another version is presented in the movie, "Blade Runner", starring Harrison Ford----what do you think? (frankly living in Los Angeles---day by day we are getting there--)

As I listen to the current news events, ---the price of oil sky rocketing, the price of food production skyrocketing---them versus us----I see a dark downward spiral----actually what I see is the world adjusting, ---reality beating down the liberals dreams, ---and scaring the hell out of the conservatives----its almost refreshing.----down and out, or just down and dirty, and pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again------its not the first time----remember ATLANTIS ?--- (I forget some of you ARE a bit younger)

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