Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Its 11:30AM---What Do Ya Mean, NO MOVIE Tonight?

I read somewhere in one of the 8,000 articles on blogging how to increase one's readership, or ones page ranking or status or maybe it had to do with indexed pages as compared to dedicated linking---all to complex for this dude to lose sleep over---well not to much sleep over---but I digress, ---I read somewhere that one should endeavor to come up with cool post titles, to grab viewers interest and hopefully get them to subscribe to your blog---so the above title of this post?---did it grab ya?---even a Lil bit maybe??

Well I thought it was damn good---course there it is in black and white in front of me---now what? I just checked with the LP, he kinda just gave me a blank stare, a couple slow blinkings, kinda snorted, shook his head, "your losing it old man---like hello, how many netflix envelopes ya see on the coffee table----does it LOOK like we are out of movies?---and how about the 700 movie cassettes on the wall behind ya? I slunk back here to the puter, why did I come up with THIS Post title---it IS a good title---I can feel it in my old bones----I wouldn't have come up with it for just no reason.

I went back to the den and asked the LP, "how about television, whats on the Television tonight?" (he gives me an annoyed look, for I was interrupting his watching some cooking show), kinda snarls, damn if I know, feel free to read the TV Guide, laying right next to the Netflix envelopes" A quick glance at the programing for tonight confirmed what I already knew, nothing but reruns of programs I refused to watch when they were new---which inspired me to up my Netflix subscription to four movies at a time .(keeps my mailman busy thats for sure---in fact am now on a first name basis with my mail carrier---have gotten some cool gossip about the neighborhood from her too)

So here I am again staring at the post title---and I have decided the title came from a dream I had of the old Comedy movie , "Mr. Roberts", staring James Cagney, Henry Fonda, and Jack Lemon---. My apologies if my post title is misleading---but staying with it as---well damn, its too good a post title not to use, and I wanted to be the first to do so.


  1. If that is a true rendition of how LP treats my dear ol' buddy roe, then give me your address and I'll send a guy who knows a guy....

    Sugar Booger, you kinda missed the point about titling your posts. You are supposed to do what I TRY TO DO, and that is: Title your posts with something that a lot of people use GOOGLE SEARCH for. Such as: wait.....I have the list here....somewhere....oh nuts. Use titles like MICROSOFT, or TELEMARKETERS, ETC. It's hard to use those words as a title without tying it to something that you'll be talking about.

    The title doesn't even have to have anything to do with your post.

    Just put: KROGER, or GAS SHORTAGE, or IRAQ and you'll get "accidental" hits. All it will do is increase your numbers...not your READERS.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  2. I think you are doing a fine job with your Blog Titles. Who said they need to make sense. Or even go with the current blog.

  3. At first I had no clue where you where going with the title thing. lol

    Tip: Your title should be relevant to the content. So you wouldn't use a Title Gas prices and blog about the cost of bread.

  4. like hello? you don't think the price of gas affects how much bread costs?----the cost of the fuel ot heat th ovens, the cost of fuel to deliver it to the stores------its a small world we live it--somebody coughs, we all get colds--- and as lil Ruth-ann might say, "and thats the truth!!" (course I assume your familiar with Lily Tomlins on stage characterization??)

  5. You can always use words like devistation, disaster, arrested, scandal and such like they do on Google News. Also the searches are based upon the first twenty five words of your article.
    I get a lot of readers and commenters by leaving comments of other blogs.
    Oh and speaking of Lilly that reminds me that Dick Martin died not too long ago. And that's the sad truth.

  6. Gary ... do you use Site Meter on your blog? It's something I use and I can click on it and get a report of where folks live and how they found my website.

    Most of the visits I get are from my Ebay Link, people looking for Paula Deen and country fried steak (go figure!) and getting to know me quizes.

    I've had some doozies too ... things I can't even remember but found funny at the time.


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