Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WHO invented the TV Dinner?

I go to my local supermarket two, three times a week, (hey retired here and it gets me outta the house, you got a problem with that?). Has anyone noticed how much of what is sold in food stores is presented as heat and serve (aka TV DINING)?

How many reading this can raise their hand and say they actually have talked and ordered meat cut by a butcher to their criteria?" How many of you can honestly say you can make a pie crust from scratch? or a cake, or even a cookie? How many of you spend more eating out, than you do for food to prepare at home?

How many of you make lunches for your kids to take to school, ---and how many of ya worry about the food the school cafeterias supply. (when the hell were vending machines allowed to be put in schools anyway?)----I'm sorry this is turning into a major rant---I need to go lay down and collect my thoughts and get civilized ----when did we ASSUME and grant responsibility for our kids to others?---aka,teachers, schools, etc.

Like are ya confident that the local teacher union dude is more concerned with your child's welfare, than he is, than in getting less work and more pay for the teachers in the Union?

Can you believe this whole wild tangent of blog was started from a simple complaint from some blue-state Liberal, griping about the lack of overall national standards about what is and what isn't nutritional in the foods vended, as well as cooked in schools in general----?? My generation never, never held the schools responsible for feeding our kids, ---WE held them responsible for EDUCATING them----. (radical thought huh?)----but hey the NEW liberal thought, (thank you Hillary)--- is it takes a village to raise a child---nobody TODAY expects parents to do it all alone------


  1. Good Heavens! You are a curmudgeon! Being only two score and ten, I'm just a curmudgeon in training. So I will add you to my feed and therefore be able to take free lessons.

    Thanks for all the kind words over at my place.

  2. Wow dude. You are trippin !!!
    Carry on like that and you'll be eating that sanitarium food!!

    lmao dude.

  3. I can proudly raise my hand for homemade pie crust, cookies, frosting and much more. I realize that these can all be bought in a mix but I prefer to make it myself. I have one for you Gary....at Easter time I saw in the store "pre dyed eggs"...to me that is the height of laziness! Can't even boil and dye your own eggs.

  4. Hey Gary...not a blogger, just a friend of one...Karen. Anyway...think you're the bomb. Have you read Fast Food Nation? I'm almost through it and it will definitely make you think about what you put in your mouth. Store bought...fast food bought....scary.

  5. I too make my own cakes, cookies and even icing ... but I have to admit sometimes it's just too easy to pop a Michelina's Mac'n Beef frozen dinner meal into the microwave for Griffin's lunch.

    I do love to cook ... and I do cook from scratch often. Heck, we even make our own pizza, sauce and all.

  6. On those blue moon occasisions when I do enter the local supermarket, I stop by the deli counter and have my meat sliced and diced to my specifications. But I don't do pies. I just eat them.

    As to the liberal whining about national standards about food and kids - well, I just counter it in my head and know that for every one of them liberals there is a neo con who would make burning the flag a federal crime. Or one who would like to define marriage for me and mine.

    Both sides want to control us. Their focus is just in different directions.

  7. From scratch? Haven't done that since I first started out. After you add up all the costs it's cheaper just to buy it premade even though the box it came in might taste better.

  8. I am with Dana. You are trippin! Get a hold fo yourself.

  9. I can in fact make crust from scratch. I also make my own rolls, can do a great cake and my cookies are the bomb. you can't beat my frosting and my children prefer I make their lunches because who else gets moms sushi for lunch. Yes, I roll sushi on an occasional weekend.

    I'm a rebel!


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