Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Part Two---(sorry if I am boring ya)

Actually I'm not sorry if I am boring ya---I gotta me me and so if your friendly you gotta accept me when I'm baad as well as when I'm good----otherwise your just being persnickety and a bore. (I can't believe I just said that, ---haven't even finish my first beer---must be the heat---ya think?)----(sigh)-----so what did YOU do all day?----I just spent the last hour perusing the "Take a stand" site, and inputting my opinions on a number of issues on various subjects, political, entertainment , social , and educational topics. You can compare your opinions with mine by clicking on the icon under the phrase "and then I said" on my side bar. I recommend the site as it does stimulate ones mind to go through the various issues and read some of the comments and opinions pro and con------.

I 86'ed the visitor map I had on my page----wasn't really doing anything for me, and as you all already know I have added the Site Meter widget, which I find more interesting. I also deleted the weather badge I had going---seems EVERYONE had that one---and opted instead for a new weather posting.-----and finally for those that have taken the trouble to venture to the bottom of my blog page you will see I have once again put up my blog labels, its a piece in work, not satisfied with it, but then to be at peace with it, would have to know myself----and yeahh 71 years and I should know myself??---like Barbara said----"Hello Stranger!!?" (for you young'uns that don't get the reference---Barbara is Barbara Streisand, and the Movie is "Funny Girl", and is a line she delivers to Omar Sherif)----ahh hell just rent the movie from Netflixs.

No boys and girls my life is not limited to blogging and TV----I am also a reader, just finished yet another Ann Perry mystery novel , this one titled, "Angels In The Gloom"---its the second in her series set at the start and during World War I----she is heavy into character development and mental thinking of her characters---but you come away really knowing them all----.

Well the LP is ordering dinner to be delivered , but is being illusive as to where from---so it might be Italian, it might be Mediterranean, or it might be Chinese---all good choices as it means this old dude aint cooking tonight---eeeeehawwww (I hope Dana reads this last as she misspelled eeeeehawww on her blog )


  1. sounds like a good book, do you ever read James Patterson?
    sent you some info about serving pieces, let me know what you think,oh gosh maybe I don't want to know. LOL
    see ya

  2. I have to confess I am not familiar with James Patterson, but in that you have mentioned him---have googled him, and will now go on line to my local library and put in my requests, "7th Heaven"k, "The 6th Target", "Double Cross",and "maximum Ride"---thanks for bringing him to my attention.

  3. uhhhh darlin? Since when did you become the expert on us Indiana hllbillys and our YEEEHAAAW???

    Ya gotta figure that in the woods, on the mountains, a EEEEHAAAW means you've just been attacked by a banjo pickin subhuman.

    YEEEHAAAW means yer havin' fun or just finished the jug of moonshine.

    I just tossed my last book by Patterson. I tried and tried to get interested in it, but I like more blood, guts and gore than I was getting from him.

  4. I like the new little weather widget on your blog ... I might have to get one of those for my blog too!

    Okay ... I don't know why I'm sharing this ... but I guess it has to do with the "YeeHaw". Once Mike and I were vacationing in Nashville ... and guess who passed us by in his convertible car? The one and only Alan Jackson ... and you know what his license plate said? YEEHAW.

    I loved that!!

  5. Well I wasn't allowing for the local accent I guess. Yeehaw mayb be what drunk Indianians yell. but on the proper side of the big river its EEEEEEhawwww (and expression of a red blooded male having a physical rush, usually after, say a successful bull ride as an example. (its cowboy speak for having a good time)

  6. heh heh, persnickety. How often can you actually use that word and mean it?


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