Monday, June 30, 2008

An Off beat Thought

I was kinda stumbling around the web earlier today and came across a quote, which kinda grabbed my attention. ---kinda something I wish I had said , but of course I've yet to be that original---and nobody quotes me, less its to remind me that I had volunteered to pick up the check. The quote reads like this, ----"Art is a moral passion married to entertainment. Moral Passion without entertainment is Propaganda, and entertainment without moral passion is Television.". The quote was attributed to a R. M. Brown, but I am unable to prove that and so it is suspect, but then I ain't the worlds best Googler of info either.

Anyhow I find the quote kinda really profound---really says a lot-----wish I really was educated so that I could really explain just how that quote moves me.---anyhow just wanted to share it with ya all.

(Hope your Toes are feeling better Wayne--- and welcome back Mrmacrom)


  1. I;m going to have to think on that one, I do love my TV

  2. Dig it, that's a good one. I might steal that for my blog.

    Toes are doing great! I wore my boots today so i could ride my motorcycle to work. Took em off mid-day to let them breathe a bit. Thankfully, no one passed out.

    Cheers friend!

  3. You are right - I just took down the post you just commented on.

  4. I think the guy was on acid. He probably is a throw back from the 60's. His brain is fried. I read it twice, once was enough but I thought I would get it. Nah! He is too ethereal for me!

  5. I kind of had another one of my "huh?" moments on that one.

    I like my tv too ... but I try to stay with morally respectable shows.

  6. I admit I had to read it through twice and actually think about it a minute. I guess that is a sign of a good quote when it makes you do that.

    But I wonder if he should not be should include most of what Hollywood passes off as cinema in the same category as Television. There aren't many mainstream movies that do much for me than take up a couple of hours of my time. Sort of like what most TV does for me.


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