Saturday, June 21, 2008

Whats For Dinner?

Here in Granola land (that's California to everyone else), we are having an unusual pre-summer hot spell. Temperatures running in the hundreds not uncommon at all. hit 107 here here Van Nuys,---(we like to portray our community as a laid back , quiet , restful patch, not to be confused with Beverly Hills, Hollywood and that ilk----but in reality, them our us.

So getting back to my post title---taking in the heat here, I plan on serving something simple but filling for dinner here, and was curious what my readers were serving in YOUR geographic areas.??

For me and the LP, tonight we are having, cold sliced meats, (bologna, ham, turkey, ), with two slice cheeses, (cheddar, Swiss). accompanied with cold baked beans, potato salad, cottage cheese, and a side of chilled fruit cocktail. I gave some thought to serving it with a glass of chilled tomato juice, but finally decided that was pushing things to far---(I'm one of those guys that would get upset if the champagne was served in plastic cups, because there were no real champagne glasses, but that's the snob I am---like hello doesn't everybody have a couple dozen real champagne glasses on the ready?)


  1. After working a ten hour shift I settled on a ham and cheese omlette made with cheddar cheese, ham and egg beaters with two slices of w/w toast and re-heated decaf coffee from this morning.
    Not exactly a gormet dinner but it was easy, fast and good.
    I'd love to tell ya what my step-dad used to call it when we had cold cuts for dinner..but don't think it would be approiate here..hehe (my mom would call it DD for short)
    Speaking of funny names for food, my hubby called mac & cheese with hot dogs (his favorite meal) yellow death and mystery meat.

  2. Sounds like a yummy cold dinner to help beat the heat!

  3. Sounds good to me. What time's dinner?

  4. Here in Redlands the temp was hovering around 107 for the last couple of days. I've been into cold soups lately. Mel


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