Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fluff N Fold and be glad its done

Ahh yes Sports fans its thursday and you all know where that starts----yep at the Fluff N Fold Palace----can't you just picture it----on the eastern horizon the first streaks of light predicting the rise of the sun----the first few hundred vehicles venturing out like lemmings looking for cliff to run off of----the start of yet another exciting weekday---(48 hours before Wayne will start a new week).

With determination and a number of years practice, I lug the large, heavy basket of laundry from my trusty truck , (ask Tish to tell ya the story of the truck and how I ended up its proud owner and driver), and into the lil Laundramat that could-----with much practice sorting whites from coloreds, (talking laundry here folks not peoples), and loading up the washers, accurately measuring out the proper portions of detergents, fabric softners, bleaches as required, ---not to mention adjusting the controls of the various washers to do as required, ---regular wash, Perma-press, hot water, cold water, warm water----suffering all this with the promise that once the laundry has been started I can reward myself with a quick jaunt on foot in the now new dawn to the corner donut shop for my first necessary large container of hot Coffee---with BOTH cream and sugar---calories be damned----its gonna be a bumpy day---(Thank you Betty Davis, and my apologies to my readers for the paraphrasing of her famous line from the Movie, "All About EVE") (contrary to the younguns opinions, Clint Eastwood did NOT have all the best lines)---but I digress-----

Upon my return to the scene of the main action (that is to say the Laundramat), I greeted th owner, "Ola Hefie!!" (my crude grasp of spanish, loosely translated ---"hey Boss, howz it?". He sees how many washers I am running , calculates the cost, then computes in the cost of the drying entailed---he gives me a hearty smile and waves approvingly.

Its the old story, its told everyweek, in millions of households----it reverbs in the very fabric of our lives---its the very story of life itself----one fluffs, one folds, one moves on ----its what thinking men do------(remember folks this is being created with only one cup of coffee, at some ungodly hour before noon---be kind)

As I wait that long wait one endures, only semi-mesmerized by the spinning of the driers my eyes go to the line of new stores being rehabilitatged across the street, and the one new tenant who has boldly placed their business name across the streetside windows----"DISCOUNT CAREGIVERS"------my stomach grows tight as my mind tries to grasp the concept---has our civilization come to this---discounting the giving of care???? I shake my head of these negative conclusions, for surely the intent is not that----just a poor choice of business titles I rationalize. Still the reality of it rankles and puts me into a foul mood.

Inspite of my now dark mood, the proprietor of the place, seeing me taking pics insists he take a pic of me , and not being a total barbarian, allow him to take my pic as well----I finish my task, folding---and returning to the castle, with the clean (properly fluffed and folded ) laundry, announcing to the LP , that once again the Laundry basket was yet again our friend.


  1. HMMM..the sign says "420 DISCOUNT CAREGIVERS" after the 420 cheap they have 1st rate Caregivers? If they have a waiting list..please make me #421 please!
    I've been raking my brain..can't think of any type of business that would call it self Discount Caregivers other than what it implies. So of course I was off to "google" it..and here's what I found!
    That "joint" across the street is the Los Angeles Cannabis Club!! Pot, maryjane, weed.
    Was going to add a link to their website, but thought better of it.
    Just google Discount Caregivers and you'll see sweet Gary, looks like you found the mother to speak..Just kidding my friend. Have a good one!

  2. Sue, by all that is Holy, are you telling the truth??? There's such a thing as a drug store that sells....well....DRUGS? I mean....THAT KIND? For God's sake Gary, don't tell Wayne John.

    By the way, when I saw the pictures of you in the laundromat, I though Juan Carlos was maybe LP. Sad to find out he isn't.

    By the way, while you tumble and fold, where IS LP??? Does he know about Juan Carlos???? Hmmmmmm?

  3. I feel so stupid----71yo here, and I MISSED the 420 reference on the window----had forgotten that here in Granola land Marijuana cold be bought legally for perspcriptions------damn damn damn---I gave up smoking Jan 1, 2008, and NOW find I got a maryjane distributor two miles from home----I GOTTA talk to my doctor---there's gotta be a way----hmm anyone know of Maryjane beging good for enlarged prostrates??

  4. hey gjg, thanks for stopping by. today was laundry day for me, too. That heatwave last week in socal left anything I'd hoped to be re-wearable not so.

    take care man

  5. Yes Dana..there is a Santa Claus. hehe
    Gary..just tell you doctor it helps! I can't hurt your somehow, it's gotta help!
    Or you could hang around the store asking for a handout..hehehe

  6. I think you should write about the cute truck you have and how you got it. We need a picture as well.

  7. I think you should write about the cute truck you have and how you got it. We need a picture as well.

  8. Here is a truly sad thing. I didn't have to to google the 420 reference. I'm painly aware of what that was. There is a store in KC that opens at 4:20pm and closes at 4:20 am and I do believe that they have some sort of food/snack service and I'll bet you guessed it, everything is $4.20! Welcome to the sad truth, they sell weed across the street.

  9. Okay ... I don't understand. LOL ...

  10. Is that where that is!?!?! I've been looking all over for it!

    HAHAHAHAHA! Gary, this has got to be your best post so far!

    Missy, 420 is a reference to pot. I believe, and I could be wrong, it's the police code for 'possession of narcotics'. So of course, when 4:20 rolls around, everyone lights up (or says they will).

    April 20th is just a grand old day! And for those in CA, if you listen to Tom Lykis on 97.1, he has people call in and everyone partakes of the sticky icky at exactly 4:20 on April 20th.

    don't tell Wayne...sheesh...come on, am I not worthy? :)

  11. First of all I had no idea the laundry mat was actually called the Fluff & Fold, I thought you made up that catchy little name!!

    I was begging to miss the F&F stories.

    I love the picture Hefie took of you, but I have a question, why are you wearing long sleeves?
    Isn't it a little warm for that?

  12. PS... Don't feel bad Missy I didn't know any of that stuff was either, were just naive Country Girls.. YEE HAA!

  13. When the temp falls below 68F, this old dude tends to put on long sleeves---, for what its worht the long sleeved shirt came off before I packed the laundry back in the truck and headed home----

  14. Aw Dana, you just make me giggle like a little girl...I re-read this and couldn't help myself...

  15. ---picturing WAYNE, giggling like a lil girl----uh-huh, yeahh, rightt!! now THERE is a visual---LOL


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