Friday, June 6, 2008


Along with the start of the quote in the title, am also flashing on some writers musing dealing with ---"blah, blah blah, the Walrus said" , this old dudes mind can't remember who said the title to this blog (A USA NAVY Admiral)---and the full quote is "Damn the Torpedoes, full speed ahead" (Farragut? Halsey, Dewey??). and then can't pull up the full quote either of the walrus bit---if memory serves, its from a bit in "Alice In Wonderland"---got to much in my mind, maybe I should give up some stuff and make room for new?---(like do I need to be able to recall Harry Truman's shoe size being 8-1/2??)

Worse I have now forgotten the real purpose of this blog post---got lost in the tangerial stuff---perhaps if I babble a bit the original thought will return. (new mental flash, another tangerial thread)---remember the Marx Brothers Movie, "Animal Crackers"?---damn, damn ,damn---I'm talking to a live audience that with luck MIGHT just have heard, or remember the TV show starring Grocho Marx, titled , "You Bet Your Life"---let alone have seen or remember the Movie mentioned earlier---well anyway I reference it as in that movie, Groucho along with the hostess and others including one of the original blond bombshells, Jean Harlow, are going in to dinner, the blond bombshell tells the heavy set rich Hostess, "I read a book the other day--", the hostess, kinda stumbles , stunned that the girl could read, and replies, "I just BET you did"---the line is a classic (get drunk or high and rent the original movie---its a hoot and a half.

OKAAY!!, NOW I remember what this blog was to be about---"damn the torpedo's"----today, after many days of googling, goggling, pondering, and questioning----this old dude through down his Visa card and in a grim tight voice says, "I'll take one"---the new all Digital TV will be delivered this Sunday (or so they have promised)---I have consciously thrown myself into, "trust us we will be there Sunday, sometime between 10am and noon, to deliver and install your set---". So I am keeping the faith---but I am NOT gonna deny I am reaching for a fresh beer---stay tuned sport fans.


  1. Sweetie, I hope you didn't get your TV atSEARS.

    Anyway, you will love coming into the 21st Century. Joe and I have had 3, three, count'em, THREE HD Tvs in the last four years. I think they're DISPOSABLE like the little cameras.

    But you will LOVE the detail in the high def movies.

    I'm a bit lonely today. Diabetes, crohns disease, etc., kinda getting the upper hand on me.

    I feel better after coming here, ol' dude.

  2. Make sure you take some pictures. What are you going to do with the converter box?

  3. dana
    I think that's why I'll keep my old Magetbox. It's a monster but still keeps going. Won't need a converter as I still have cable.
    I never rush out and buy new technology anyway. It usually has bugs in it for the first few years. And judging from your Sears experience I'd say I'm right.

  4. So you gave in and got the Tv. lol

    Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead was said by Admiral David Farragut.

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