Monday, June 16, 2008

I Think I Got It----I Think I Got It----damn---I ain't got it

It was suggested by my blog buddy Wayne John, that I set up a second blog to use for experimenting with ---so if I screw it all up, one only has to delete the blog and start over (the medical equivalent of burying one's mistakes---OOPS). So I have done so and am striving hard to learn how to summarize my posts by categories, such as humor, weather, school, books , TV programs, well what ever label might apply. That way if you flash on some old post of mine, remember it was humorous, you have but to click on that category and voila, all my humorous posts will be in a group , and you won't have to sift through all the other garbage. Least thats the game plan.

Anyway have followed Rose's suggestion, (see her comment under my post), and have successfully, on my new dummy pit bull blog, learned how to put labels on my individual posts as I compose them, and then set up a listing of those link labels, grouped under a simple heading of "Categories", on the side bar.--- and sure enough I can click on a labels referenced (under categories on the side bar), and up pops all the posts which I have labelled under that category----but that's only part of what I want to do.

The question now is---how do I get those category summary listings to reflect the number of posts contained in that folder?----or is this something that will occur automatically when the month end total number of posts is summarized and the month archived ?---If it sounds like I am babbling , I'm sorry----actually I'm not, its just that I still am not comfortable with definitions of tags, versus labels, versus titles, and do I want cheese on that????-----(okay, will go take my meds now)----(go look at Waynes blog page, and see how he has his blogs listed, ---THATS what I am trying to get to, or at least learn HOW to)


  1. OK. You're starting to scare me. Don't go getting too big for your britches and don't forget to tell me your secrets!

  2. I'm getting a better more complete picture of the person gjg is by watching and reading this blog as it develops. You just keep gnawing on this blogging bone guy. You will get it figured out. You like problem solving. Just don't get too fancy smancy. I don't want to have to wipe my feet before I come in.

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot. Didn't take long either. Check out Scribbit's post on making money with blogs -

    Interesting stuff. She's a smart lady.

  4. have no fear people, I am humble to the bone---but yeah I like learning new stuff, keeps a dude from getting into a total rut, and like I've implied a time or two----can't let the young pups get to cocky----(did ya notice the cute lil remark up above in the header of the "Leave a comment" box, about liking to get comments, aint that a kick in the head?)

  5. Hey Gary, thanks for the link in your post! Much appreciated!

    You have the right stuff to make this whole Internet thing work for you. You come off pretty determined when you want to figure something out, and at the end of the day, that's what will help you the most on the net/blogging.

    One thing that always annoyed me was the differences between tags, categories, labels etc....I believe that tag and lables are essentially the same stuff. The main problem with them (that I have seen in my travels) is that you need to constantly type them in to new posts. When you mistype a tag or label, viola! You have a new tag you didn't mean to create.

    I guess the point of my comment is that you will need to watch that.

    I am also on completely different software than Blogger uses, but it sound's like what you said should work.

    You're an inspiration my friend! (I don't want to have to wipe my feet either) :P


  6. I am not sure i like that format. A little two formal for me. The person who blogs about vegetables & flowers. I am with Dana. You are starting to scare me.

  7. No wonder you haven't been posting as much. Still nothing for Tuesday. Thats what happens when you get blogs going.LOL

  8. By the way, each time I read the title I have to chuckle a bit. It captures the frustration perfectly in my opinion.


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