Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Missy's Challenge---

If your following my blog, this post is in response to My tagging Missy to answer a meme that I had posted earlier, and to which she commented, she would and threw out a challenge of her own., to which THIS post is answering---allbeit, not with the professional pics that MISSY takes, but ---HEY, old dude here, still learning how to use my camera---anyway here are some of MY favorite foods. (from the top left, Zatarains Rice (almost any flavor, really big on their Yellow rice), next, well of course the always popular "cold Brewski" (by the way "natural lite" is the generic version of "Bud lite"and I defy anyone to a blind fold taste test to tell the difference---and ooooh so much less expensive), followed by this house's favorite flavor Ice cream, and what Lil boy or girl can say no to Peanut butter and crackers to munch on---and then finally, when its time to throw yourself into the kitchen and cook a dinner---well here's a fun "cop out" way to go.
I really need somebody to teach this old dude how to post pics, so I can add descriptions and comments to each to each----mine all seem to bunch together like you see him here----(don't ya just hate that when that happens?


  1. When you uplaod the pictures, cut and paste the entire url despricption to wherever you want it in the blog. Highlight it and then cut, move the cursor to where ever you want it and paste! There you go!

  2. I am still think about my list. When you are creating a post if you download your pictures first and then go into compose mode you can write in between the pictures. let me know if you still have problems.

  3. Hey Gary ... thanks for playing!! I love Zataran's products too. Their yellow rice and jambalaja (sp?) are awesome too!!

    We enjoy our peanut butter and crackers fix too!!

    And seeing your Dinty Moore Beef Stew brought back memories of my dad ... he loved that!!!

  4. And ... adding pictures ...

    I'm not sure if you use the newer version of blogger or not ... I use the older version ... so I'm not sure it's the same. But I thought I would share with you how I add my picutres. after I add my pictures to Blogger the standard way, I then go into the section of the post under "Edit HTML". There you will see the HTML code for each picture. You will see the word float somewhere in that code. Change that to align. So instead of float:left it will say align:left. Then you can double space after each of these html codes and type the words you would like to under each. Also, after you do this ... you can select "preview" to see what you have accomplished and then to continue on choose "hide preview". Does that make sense? If you have questions, please feel free to email me. Someone else may have a better or easier way, but that's the way I do it. Please feel free to email me if I can help further.

  5. No matter what I try!! I just can't get mine right either. Maybe someone else can help us both out!


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