Friday, June 27, 2008


New at this---blogging that is, only been at it since late last April---(blame it on Judi). Why am I doing it??---was I THAT easily addicted---was it because I had given up Cigarettes, and my body and mind craved some new addiction??---is it a weak link in my genealogy, am I disposed to needing this kind of outlet to vent my spleen.??---(HEY WORLD BLOGGING HERE---PAY ATTENTION!!)

I wrote the above grinning wide, amused with my OWN sense of humor, but now Reading it----ooh jeez maybe there IS some truth in it??---ya think?? OOOH CRAP, there is ---isn't there? I've become a ---(sob!!)---BLOG JUNKIE!!?

(no point continuing this post, the point is well made---to continue to subscribe to this blog is not unlike slowing down and taking in the details of that motor crash your passing-----)

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