Sunday, June 8, 2008

Its A Red-Letter Day For This Old Dude

Not only did the gods smile , they must have laughed right outloud. The TV installers were at the door at 7;30am, (on a sunday no less). The TV was unpacked set up and they were gone in less than 30 minutes---and everything works ------PHEEEEEENOMINAL!! Tonight I and the LP will celebrate, by ordering dinner in, and opening a chilled bottle of servicable champagne (Korbel Extra Dry).

However that will be six hours from now----I have made some changes to my side bar. Deleted Spunky Thinkers and replaced it with "My Blog List". and right below that---you will find a fun little ICON ---"then I said---", which if ya click on the icon will take ya to a fun site, where one can state one's opinions on any number of topics, review other's comments-----. I like to think it gives my page a bit of exitement. Let me know what ya think of it.

Well I gotta go wipe the drool off the LP's chin and take the remote out of hand---I think he really really likes the new TV----maybe to much so-----come back Jerry!!! Jerry?? ---you in there Jerry?----nod your head if you can hear me??----(whew, that was scary)


  1. There is nothing like HD. A new T.V. is always fun.

  2. My mom came from a 4th generation Bay Area family. You know, first fart of California family. Anyway, I grew up with a wine glass in front of me every evening meal. She would buy only California wine. None of that Euro trash stuff. Every New Year, at least a couple of bottles of Korbel were popped. How she managed to find Korbel in the 50s while we were in Japan or Alaska or some other far flung place, I will never know. But she always had her Korbel on New Years eve.

  3. Wow ... they made it there on time and it was Sunday.

    Good reason to celebrate!!

    I've never had champagne in my entire life. I do not drink wine either. My husband and I visited San Francisco in the 90s and we drove through Napa Valley. We did a couple of wine tastings ... but that's pretty much it for me.

    Since I've had my son, I think I've had one margherita ... lol ... and it was enough to get me tipsy.

  4. I am so excited for you , I know you are going to enjoy it. Did you have to buy a stand for it? Those things are crazy expensive.


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