Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh DAMN, Not Sure I am READY for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Sunday, the Store has advised they will deliver THE NEW TV, sometime between 7:30 and 9:30AM (God does not exist in California)---and yeah I KNOW that will get me a storm of letters, but HEY, ---whatever floats your boat---not gonna knock it, so don't knock mine)

I am so PUMPED---will be shivering on the porch clutching my coffee cup waiting for the delivery van--(the LP warm and cozy in bed, trusting me to handle it all---oooh man pressure).---I KNOW the store delivery service means well, but its gonna be a long , stomach tightening day (and no dear readers, we will not discuss my stomach tightening criteria at this time, my remark was meant to be rhetorical---don't push it)

In any case there will be no NEW posts til such time as I finish dealing with the delivery and installation gods---I am SURE you are totally simpatico with the situation----think well for me.


  1. HAVE to know that when the cable guy says "between 7:30 and 9:30" that REALLY means "sometime between 7:00am and 8pm"....believe me, I've been there. Not tryin to burst your bubble, just a little warning on how the cable company works. Maybe you'll get lucky and he'll show up on time! Hope springs eternal! Have a great day and enjoy your new TV!

  2. Hope the delivery guy shows up on time. Do they really deliver on Sundays??


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