Monday, June 23, 2008

The Curse of Gary Gilmore

On Jan 17, 1977, Killer Gary Gilmore was executed in Utah, by a firing squad.----By unfortunate coincidence my name is also Gary Gilmore. The Curse to which I make reference is just that the coincidence of bearing the same name. In 1977, I was 40 years of age---a quiet, solid citizen, even had a security clearance due to the nature of my civilian career.-----suddenly with the notoriety of this Killer, who as it happens is the first Killer to be executed after the ban on executions was lifted., and all the public press that brought to the incident----suddenly every place I go, every check I write, I get that look----OOOH?? (me mumbling) ahh??-- no relation honest(nervous grin on my face)-----they would kinda nod, but still I could see the question in their eyes-----I of course can't prove it, but----I wonder maybe that this had an effect on my promotions at work?? I'll never know.

Then just when the whole hubbub began to die out and drop off the news radar---Hollywood came out with the Movie----1982 The Executioner's Song", about the Killer Gary Gilmore---again becomes front page stuff----very discouraging---I found myself cashing fewer checks, avoiding situations in which I had to give my full name----even thought of changing my name---but fortunately I kept my belief in self and my family and toughed it out-----still occasionally I get THAT look from a clerk, or some stranger hearing my full name-----its a cross I will have to bear and take to the grave----


  1. Oh lordy. I can sympathize with you there. I know exactly what you went through by being 'Wayne John'. John Wayne Gacy, The duke blah blah blah...

  2. You are the one and only Gary Gilmore I've ever heard of ... and you are a wonderful Gary Gilmore, indeed!

  3. I think there are just too many ignorant people in the world to associate you with "that" GG.
    Obviously you're NOTHING like him.
    Gilmore is not that uncommon of a name.
    Of course I know some of what you go maiden name was BUCK...try going through school with that name. I'm sure you can think of a few not so nice names that I was called using my last name! I heard them all and having a protruding frontal overbite only made it worse..much worse.


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