Monday, June 23, 2008

Okayyy, Lets Get This Show On The Road

I am pleased to report that the weather people have told us to expect a cooling trend that will take the temps down to the 90's, for a few days, but warming once again come the weekend. (Don't ya just hate it when you find yourself breaking into a sweat right in the middle of say doing your weekly Fluff N Fold---makes a guy ask himself why he bothered in the first place).

I have started my third Anne Perry novel and my books are due back at the Library on the 27th. At which time I will endeavor to leap into the works of the Mystery/Thriller author, James Patterson, that was recommended by my friend Joyce . Joyce is new to blogging, and learning fast how to make her blog interesting and fun reading. If ya lay a comment on her blog, can almost guarantee you all will get a reply on your own---that's the kind of Lady she is.

I will be going out later today to the store---had that wonderful experience of flipping on the overhead lights in the bath this morning and getting the old bright flash as the recessed flood light went to bulb heaven---showering in the dark is not my idea of a pleasant interlude---on the other hand, by the time I finished a certain sleazy sense of -----well never mind all that.

It was brought to my attention that George Carlin died, he was two weeks younger than myself---that's kinda depressing. Wayne John paid him a nice tribute and posted a couple Vids of George's stuff, ya might want to see. (you might not want the kids around however when ya do).

I also gotta mention Missy posted one hell of interesting Italian recipe, complete with pictures on her blog----makes one good meal that's for damn sure. (who knew there was more than one kind of parsley?)


  1. I sure am glad it is going to cool down soon.

  2. Ya know, I never thought to state in my post that it may not be for kids...

    Much cooler tonight! It's getting more comfy


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