Sunday, June 1, 2008

Your typical Gilmore Clan bash

The excuse for the party was Bill and Carl's birthday. Not that my family requires a reason to have a party---I recall once, a party given to celebrate just because it was the forth Sunday in the month.
Anyway here are a few pics taken ---From the top: A pic of Judi's husband Pete (and a nice shot of Mel and Bills infinity pool.--The next pic is three bloggers, Judi and her daughter Alexi, (the old dude in the striped shirt is moi)---The next pic is of Sherri (my Nephew Eds wife, and Judi again), and finally The Lady in Red, my niece Melanie who was hosting the bash.


  1. cute pictures! that was a fun party and good amount of people came which was nice. I didn't get home until about 8:00 and i was pooped! long day

  2. You have some great looking relatives.

  3. Happy Birthday to both of them.

  4. So that is what it is called:
    Infinity Pool
    I was wondering where it ended? I even blew the photo up to try to figure it out:) It is beautiful!

    Oh..and the! I love it:)

    I love California..I have visited only once. My husband is from there. He still has a younger brother that lives there. We wanted to fly there for vacation this year..but flight is really high right now..almost $1800.00 for 5 of us(the baby is still free) to fly! So we are driving to Traverse City, Michigan instead.



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