Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Testing 1----2----3----Testing 1---2---3----

the experiment I am conducting here is primarily nothing more than a trial and error exercise on learning how to post and manipulate photos in my blogging posts. (the pic on the left is a first in a series of pics of the Space Station being assembled in space, and our Astronauts at work.

Now here to your right is another pic taken, one has to remember
that in space there is no atmosphere, so one doesn't have to
design smooth slick surfaces to cut down on wind drag. Can you
imagine how difficult it must be to try to work in a weightless

<---I kind of like this shot, in that it gives the viewer a better idea of how the space station floats in orbit above the planet (sometimes referred to as the "Blue Marble")

(by Jove, I think this old dude has gotten the hang of placing photos in his blog---I wanna thank all of those who volunteered their suggestions, and, with some experimentation on the old dudes part---have figured it out. my thanks to you all for your help.)


  1. I will catch up with your blog later. I was in the hospital.......and no one noticed!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I just got home and the second thing I did was check up on my so-called BUDDIES.. hrmph

  2. I am glad you figured it out. What is wrong with Dana?

  3. Don't tell me. She was eating tomatoes.

    Be well Dana.

  4. who gave you permission to go to the hospital---did ya get a pass? who was the officer of the day?---well glad your back and I trust fit for duty??

  5. Hey you'all, I love ya!

    My hospital experience is on my blog. And I DID miss you'all.

    (how come I never get a meme?) NO NO. NOT NOW. TOO LATE TO KISS AND MAKE UP>

  6. You are getting better & better at this blogging thing everyday:)

    Keep up the good work..{Old Dude}

  7. Even for an old codger, you learned pretty quickly! ;);)

  8. well no brag but I can count to twenty without taking my shoes off too----

  9. Well you got it, but you still have not come by to get your award.

  10. Award? What Award? I want an award! I want an award! Iwantanaward!!!! something else soon or I'm pullin' down your blog!

  11. Dana click on my name. You will be taken to the post where I award him.

  12. It does my heart good to see someone use "by Jove!"

    I've figured out how to do most of what I want to do with photos, including manipulating the size of the border. I have not yet figured out how to have a paragraph of text wrap around a photo placed on the middle of the text, e.g., with text the full width of the page above the photo, then wrapping around the photo, then the full width of the page below the photo.
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    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"


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