Monday, June 23, 2008

Its Frustrating That's Why

Remember when you were doing your homework for school and you would ask your mom or dad how to spell a word and you would get the old cold advice---"Go look it up in the dictionary"!!---and to which you responded (come on you know you thought IT, if ya didn't come right out and say it), "Well if I don't know how to spell it how am I gonna look it up in the dictionary---well DUH!!?"-------well anyway life went on anyway, and we all grew up and now we are adults and raising kids of our own and we are amused to hear our kids ask US ---"how do ya spell---" and ooohhh yeah we give em THE RESPONSE.

Anyway in the same vein of thought, I ran into a recent event. I commented in my blog I had a snippet of a song echoing in my head, but couldn't identify it----and I described it as best I could to my readers---after a couple false, but amusing suggestions from readers of what song I was trying to think of, one not only came up with the right song, but all of the lyrics. I thanked her. But then shortly afterwards I received a comment to the effect, "Why didn't I Google it and get the answer?"---(shades of ---Look it up in the dictionary!!)---LOL, if I had enough information to look it up in Google, I wouldn't need to look it up in Google---well DUH!!


  1. It is best you ask your blog friends anyways. One of them probably know the answer.

  2. ahhhhhh..where do you think I got the lyrics??? Yep..Google

  3. Hey we need to go to the jpl and I keep forgetting to schedule the appt: HOw about googling the jpl and let me know what they say? Just joking!!

  4. When I'm in a pickle (not literally), I'll hit It's nice, with a thesaurus and what-not.

  5. Wayne gave you good advice. When I don't know a song I Google it. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of words.


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