Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another Tuesday

Well here I am in the middle of yet another Tuesday---pretty sure it must be Tuesday, for two reasons. One the pool man coming through our side gate woke me up this morning---and I know he comes on Tuesdays. and the second reason is , the LP gave me his shopping list, which is yet another Tuesday ritual set in stone. So it MUST be Tuesday. (I'm glad we had this little talk and cleared this issue up).

I went to the supermarket, clutching the LP's list of must have this week stuff, and threw myself into the store which is slowly re-inventing itself----all the goods and edibles are there----someplace---one merely has to be patient, and have the eyes of a hawk ----. What did we learn at the store today Daddy?? ---For some inexplicable reason, Hebrew National meat Products are bunched together in one corner of the store----and not with the rest of the bologna, wieners, and luncheon meat offerings---its almost like they are ashamed to be seen in public---IS Hebrew National going out of business maybe? (They sure are hidden away in the new Ralph's store)
I spent the better part of an hour looking for mini quiche Lorraine servings, and also could not find those little hotdogs wrapped in pastry (aka pigs in a blanket)----so purchased a large fresh baked quiche from the bakery----hot dogs and Pillsbury crescent rolls and will assemble and cook at home----aside from those two fiasco's, I got the graham crackers, the corn beef hash (which is not the same as just plain corn beef---one has to be careful reading labels), got the brown free ranch eggs, got the champagne, got the book of stamps, got the 20 bucks cash----and returned to the castle---(remembered to pick up the mail as I came in--yaaaaah two new movies from Net Flix).
I put the groceries away, listened to the LP's blue remarks regarding Ralph's not having pigs in a blanket, and party mini quiche Lorraine bites, but then saw that he probably saved a few pennies by my buying the real stuff and cooking it a home ---I grabbed a cold bottle of water and slunk out to the patio---finished the last chapter of my current book, and am now all set to take all my books to the library tomorrow---gonna take Joyce's suggestion and stock up on the Author James Patterson's books, "7th Heaven", "The sixth Target", "Double Cross", "Maximum Ride" and "Sail"-----that should keep me in reading material for two or three weeks.
Since its the LP's job to set the menu for Tuesday, have checked with him and we are having the tasty and filling, scrambled eggs (with just salt and pepper to taste), slices of fried corn beef hash, and cold sliced tomatoes. So cooking dinner for us tonight will be quick and easy---making scrambled eggs is such a great way of ridding ones self of any pent up frustrations---one can really beat the hell out of the eggs----by the time I finish washing up after dinner, should be in a nice relaxed mood for tonight's entertainment, (one of the netflix movies or disc two of the new cable TV show series we have started "Huff", we watched the pilot and the first two episodes the other night.)


  1. Well, I went across the river into Kentucky country to do some Kroger shopping. Some times it helps to get away from the regular places and SPREAD MY WINGS!! And I call crossing the river, oooo, and going into a new neighborhood, oooo, and a new Krogers, oooo, REALLY treading the edge. But it did cause me to rethink my usual purchases and try something new. Made Swiss Steak SMOTHERED in tomatoes, peppers, onions, over rice. woohoo

  2. Damn, now I WANT swiss steak----but I want mine served with a big glob of Mashed potatoes.---and a glass of Chianti----

  3. GJG will try to be better and if nothing else I will just give you a weather report.
    but today I went to get my passport for when I go to Judi and Pete's and gosh I can't wait.
    I have had my granddaughter today and tonight she decided she wanted steak and salad.She will be spending the next three days with me.

  4. Don't ya hate it when the grocery store moves all your items around and you can't find them?? My oldest Granddaughter and her boy friend arrived here from CA today. Since Mom and Dad had to work I ended up making dinner for all my grandkids. I made Speghetti with Sweet Italian Sausage, Tossed Salad and Garlic Bread...for dessert... a homemade Lemon Merainge Pie...mmmmmmmm good.

  5. Sounds like your Ralph's is coming together. Maybe Hebrew National pays a price to have their products stocked seperately for some reason?

    When I was a little girl, my Dad would cook corned beef hash for us. I can't say I've ever cooked it myself. I've never made pigs in a blanket either ... but it sounds like something Griffin would really like. I might give it a try!

  6. More about "Huff" what do you think. Should we be watching it?

  7. Judi---Yes I consider it an excellent piece of acting and directing. Highly recommend you rent the series beginning with season one, disk one which has the original pilot, and first two episodes and watch it from the beginning. (warning it does have adult scenes in it---and small children and minors should not view it)

  8. Not much to comment on your Tuesday, but one quote on the sidebar caught my eye- "Jogging is for people not intelligent enough to watch television". I may have not quoted it perfectly, but it made me chuckle. As an avid cycllist, I have always thought of jogging as a stupid way to get around. Did too much running for the ball sports as a younger person I guess.

    My daughter has come back from grad school with the running habit. She let her bikes gather dust and bought jogging sneaks. Will I ever get over the shame?

  9. When I go to the store, I have to, HAVE TO walk up and down each row to be sure I didn't forget something. A bit compulsive perhaps, but it's good exercise and I sometimes find something new.

    Also, you shouldn't beat your eggs. No one likes a broken yolk (according to my grandfather) :) And me too now...conditioning...got to love it.

    by the way, I like the quotes on the side! Those are new aren't they?

  10. Glad you all are pickin up on the new sidebar Quotes widget---I find them both amusing and insightful.


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