Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July-2008----HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA

You think our founding fathers back in 1776 had any idea how great our country would become? Do you believe they really understood that document, "We, the people----"?? You can bet your bippy they did----and as Bobby McGill so eloquently describes it in his blog----a rag-tag army of individuals whupped the hell out of what was considered the most powerful military force on the planet----yeah, we the people done did that---and ever since, our country has stood as a bright beacon of hope in an otherwise kinda bleak world-----today we celebrate the birth of our country---we could do no better than spend some time reading our constitution and reacquainting ourselves with what our forefathers created and boldly wrote down and defended with their blood, and their personal honor. Lets keep that flame burning brightly people, we owe it to not only our forefathers---we owe it to the world and those people who still suffer under tyranny, and slavery.


  1. Geez... that Bobby McGill sounds like a helluva an idiot. Ha ha

  2. LOL---ya think?---he's MY KIND of idiot anyway.


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