Monday, July 7, 2008


I just learned that my 4th of July story , ( "One 4th of July-1944"), entry into the "Canada Day/4th of July blog post contest, was selected as the winner. I don't think I have ever won a contest based on my writing before----wow, who says old dogs can't learn new tricks---what a rush----I am totally pumped right now. Like Hello, look at the competition I was up against, here's Wayne John's post (click the link and read it) I thought his entry would most likely win, Wayne has a flair for word usage. its why his blog is listed on my page under spunky thinkers. (Just goes to show ya that the Tri-city area of Southern California is making a comeback, what with the likes of Wayne John moving in)
I just hope that in the times ahead I get to prove that this win was not just a fluke, that maybe just maybe I have a modicum of talent, and I can put together a body of work to allow myself to honestly say I am at least a so-so writer---so again Thanks Rose DesRochers and all the great folk at  Blogger Talk,   for this honor---one small step for the OLD dude-----


  1. Gee I'm glad they have some writers left down there in hollywood. Maybe you could write for TV. If I see one more ad for a reality show I think I'll scream and cut the cable.

  2. Hi Gary,
    Congratulations ! I definitively love your posts. They are so spontaneous, so living. Thanks to share with us.
    Have a good day. Here it's already the evening (9:pm)and the weather is absolutely disgusting (cold and rainy).

  3. Gary, I felt you had the better post too quite honestly. Your post brought out more emotion of the moment and was well written as well. It wasn't until after I had written mine that I found your post (it dissappeared or switched timeframes I think).

    Congratulations Gary, you deserve that award in my opinion.

  4. Congrats to you Gary!!! WOW..I know a famous writer..if only by photo and the occasional back and forth commenting..but hey..I still feel special for knowing you. You deserve it my friend.

  5. THANK YOU, THANK YOU ONE AND ALL. Its the thought that counts and I am basking in the moment and the congrats pouring in---(six "grats" in only 7 hours---unbelievable) you guys are to much---as Ralph Kramden told his wife Jane again and again on the "Honeymooners"----"your the greatest"----but seriously??----how many besides Rose,Wayne and Sue----actually read the post submitted for the contest?? It didn't generate much in the way of comments at the time---and its why I figured Wayne had the contest in all probability----. Aw Hell, I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth should I?----damn, I'm a writer huh?----oh man the pressure builds----whats a boy to do for an oncore?

  6. congrats GJG, I think what you write is very interesting, so you keep up the good work, I may not always comment but I do enjoy reading what you have to say.
    see ya

  7. Congradulations Old Dude! Your writing is so interesting no matter what you write about, F&F or these Great United States, you keep everyone's attention!
    Great Job!


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