Sunday, July 13, 2008

Its Not Just A Simple Hello Anymore

I have to laugh ---being an old dude, have watched things change , fads come and go, the style of movies, books, even music change. Now with computers so widely in use and accessible, every kid armed with at least a Cell phone ---billions of phone calls going on constantly----but I've noticed now----its not infrequent, one will get an IM (immediate message) that instead of saying simply "Hello", you will get something provocative, like "What are you Wearing right now?"
Now there was a time way back in the olden days----having such a question put on ya, would have automatically triggered antagonistic emotions---negativity galore-----but today?? its almost so ubiquitous as to be interpreted as the sender is saying, I'm an adult, Your and adult, and hi how are ya, and wuz up?---Its a joke, its meant as a joke---its people laughing over how the first generation of IM USER'S, made pornographic come-ons, being cloaked by the blind use of fake screen names---and the ability to change them every five minutes if necessary. A lot of IM's , mostly now from hormonal driven teens, and or frustrated dirty old men, still make use of fake screen names and ply the thousands of chatrooms. But again, that is exactlyu what makes, the rise of the line "What ya Wearing" the joke hello what it is today.
So don't get totally outta whack if a stranger IM's ya and his opening line is "What ya wearing?", it might just be a cool hip dude, looking to meet and make new hip friends.----course if his second line is telling ya to get naked, then ---you got the IM equivalent of a heavy breather ---which you of course know how to deal with already.


  1. I hate to be the one to tell you , but if someone messages you and asks you what you are wearing they are not just saying hello. They are hoping to persuade you into cyber sex. lol

  2. I'm curious as to just where you got this information? Think someone is pulling your leg Gary. (By the way....what ARE you wearing?)lol

  3. What are you wearing right now Gary?


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