Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Often To Post?

I have no real life, so I have lots of real time in which to expound my thoughts here in my blog. As such its been my pattern to post new "thoughts", several times a day, if one looks at my archive totals you can quickly see I am "posting" on average 2 or three times a day. I can also confess than many of my postings are pretty mundane, and probably of little interest to many readers---Ha! like I have many readers----(sigh).
That is exactly why I am asking the question, can a person post to often? My thinking is if a person comes to my blog and wants to read , he will, and if he doesn't he won't---so it doesn't matter if I post frequently----but I know if I go visit a blog and there is nothing new on it---then I have no real reason to go back to it-----whats a blogger to do?

Gary (aka Old dude)


  1. Gary, let's be perfectly honest...come sit next to me and we'll talk....I, too, wondered if I was posting too much. It seemed like whenever I had a hot topic on my brain, I'd post AND PUBLISH. Sometimes I had four a day!! Yes. I was posting too much on a daily basis, so I found the answer! YES! Sit closer little boy and hear it from the old professor here.

    I have dry times where I don't feel like putting two words together, and other times when my fingers FLY over the keyboard!!!

    But I've learned to cook while the stove is hot, and print out as many posts as are in me....then I post date them so that they dont ALL show up on the same day. Did that help?

  2. Dana, that's excellent advice. There are some days when you just want to get away from it. But what happens to your readers then? They get squat.

    I find that when i don't post, it feels like the blog is losing momentum, so I too, like you, will date things to appear in the future so I can have that 'post a day' thing...albeit it isn't happening for me very well right now.

  3. ahh good points dudes and dudettes, so pack away the posts for a rainy (okay dry spell if you insist)day.-----but no harm if a guy does post acouple times a day or so right?

  4. I agree with the suggestions. A friend of mine post-dates her writings so she doesn't inundate readers. For those of us who use something like google reader, checking and seeing that there are 4 new posts each day gets a little overwhleming. Given that many blog readers are doing so for enjoyment, and don't have that much extra time, spacing out your writings, or grouping them into one large daily post would be more attractive to a reader like me.

    Of course there is no harm in posting a lot each day, but remember that you want more readers and a bit more pacing or grouping may make your blog look like less work to get through.

    Just my two cents! But what the heck, I'll keep reading anyway! :)

    your next door neighbor

  5. well thank ye good neighbor (goodmamajama IS my real life neighbor). Your point is taken----I guess when I get to rolling I CAN BE rather overwhelming----(sigh)

  6. OH sure Gary...get a gal hooked on your blog and it's many posts a day..then just up and take that away! I was goin nuts the other day when you were "gone". (shows ya what a boring life I have) Sometimes ya'll make this blog thing too hard. I know..I'm a bad blogger... I don't post as often as ya'll do, but I just dont' have that much to least not much that anyone would want to read. Here you think you post too much and I post too little.

  7. I still think one or two good posts are far better than a whole bunch of so so's. Also you must remember that people have only so much time and like to pop through many blogs. You never know when you'll miss that classic post by your favorite writer.

    Dana has had some of the best of late. Wayne has captured an audience with his info about eblogger and his help to others.

    So I'd say find your niche and do it as well as you can.

  8. Hi Gary,

    Missy's sil here. First of all I want to say that I'm glad you came through the earthquake okay. You were the only person I thought about when I heard about the earthquakes. I think everyone has excellant advice as to how much blogging is too much, but I think it's what you feel comfortable with. I agree with you, if someone wants to read it they will and if they don't they won't. This is my first visit to your blog and I've read a few of them. I enjoyed them. And I love your comments to Missy. I don't have young children so my blogs are not so interesting. Keep on doing what your doing.

  9. I think I need to write a blog tomorrow. Ha!!!

    Look out for tuna tettrazini. An old but great meal!!!

  10. love your blog,if you are talking about f&f or about broc and cheese or what you are reading or where you are going,
    not much on blogging as you know maybe I will get better but sure do love to see what everyone else is doing
    see ya

  11. aww thank ya kindly Joyce, appreciate it---and looking forward to your visit out this way, hopefuly we won't have any ground shaking for ya.

  12. I so enjoy reading your blog no matter what you post about! It's so interesting to see what everybody is doing. I'm not always one to comment, just don't have the time a lot of times since I do most of my blogging while I'm at work. So keep on blogging just as many times in a day that you wish! More of us are reading than you think!

  13. I visit your blog several times a day "hoping" for a new post. I am so entertained when I come for a visit. I say blog as often as you want to!!

  14. Well you got 13 comments on this post. That's not bad at all. The most I get is 4 or 5.


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