Monday, July 21, 2008

President wannabee Obama

The Liberal who would be prez---on his first foreign trip, visiting Iraq , boldly suggesting that if HE were president he would have the troops home in 16months. I bet the Arab Terrorists, just love this guy-----all they have to do is sit back and let him Hand over the territory to them. Now today in the news we hear the Iraq president use Obama's plan to pressure the US to negotiate terms -----in short the kid senator who would be prez, has already made his first major foreign policy blunder--------yeahh can see why the anti american terrorists like this boy---wonder how much money they are contributing to his election campaign?? 3,000 plus of our boys died to bring Iraq into a democracy, and this President wannabee would hand it all back to the bad guys as fast as he could get the troops shipped home.


  1. Who are the "bad guys?" The Iraqi government or the Iraqi resistance leaders who Patraeus negotiated with to help turn the tide against the few foreign jihadi dead enders who were causing trouble in Iraq? I'm not seeing Obama's blunder? The Iraqi government agrees with his plan and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs agrees that we need to shift our attention towards Afghanistan.

  2. Right on! Right on! Right on! I can add a heck of alot more on this scary guy. I call him the anti-Christ and thats exactly what will happen if hes elected. We can all kiss out b-hinds goodbye. He has only been in the senate 143 days and he thinks he is the messiah to come and save us. Ha!! John Kerry was in Vietnam less than that so HELLO LIbs. Better read up on this guy.

  3. Normally when fighting a war, one negotiates a treaty, then ceases firing-----not announce to the enemy in so many words that you don't wanna play the game and are taking your players off the field, and then try and negotiate?? Chamberlain did that for England with Hitler----we all know how that went.

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    Is that a double standard? I agree with Crazy about cooking...Obmama is the anti Christ. It's scary to think what will happen once he's in office.

  5. I don't think Obama is the anti-Christ, personally, but he is too far left on both foreign and domestic policy issues for my liking. There is another situation, Gary, where a country can achieve conditions for ending an occupation of another country, besides the negotiation of a treaty. When the enemy, which is al-Qaeda in Iraq (the bad guys, BrianR), has been comprehensively defeated, the occupying force can withdraw, with or without a treaty.

    I agree with Barack Obama that the situation in Afghanistan calls for more attention (a surge?), but to pretend that Iraq is not a front in the war against the terrorists is wilfull blindness.

  6. Good lord I don't do politics because I don't feel that I'm mature enough or well enough informed to make these decisions (too bad other stupid people don't do that) Anywhoo... Obama scares the Holy Bejeezes outta me and him combined with Hilary is like a scene out of the Left Behind series.

  7. Well you war mongers better get used to the anti Christ because he'll be your next leader. Time for Bush / McCain to head to the retirement home.

  8. Nobody has a clue what either candidate will do when in office. All either side seems to want is to believe their own worst case scenario. Why is that?

    Barack is the Anti-Christ? Now that is funny. But sadly, folks actually swallow this kind of drivel.

    The enemy we are fighting will never be "comprehensively beaten". We may chase them out of one country, but they will pop up in another. This is not a war that will be won by conventional means. This war will most likely have to burn itself out of it's own accord. And most certainly, our efforts will continue to be half assed as long as we target the wrong countries. The heart of the movement is still in the Afghan/Pakistan area. And has been from the beginning. But for some reason, our enlightened leadership chose to just exert token pressures in that region. Why is that?

  9. Good Question MRmacrum----why indeed??----I no more have the answers to that question than yourself -----but I am pretty damn sure its not the simple answer we would all like to hear---it has to do with not just today, but tomorrow, and say maybe 10-20 years or more downstream---much of it political, (our public media hangs on every word, second guessing every event (they do have to sell advertising ya know)---the question is? Should WE, THE USA, smash anything we feel is a threat---or should we pander to world public opinion and when the world decides maybe we have a case, only then attack?? I agree with the idea we are NOT the world's policemen---but I DO believe, the USA comes first-------

  10. Sue---don't get lost in the post versus the commercials---its an election year, its not like it makes any real difference---the congress and the buracracy (aka the professional staffers that support the current "names" elected are where the power lays. ---The "talking heads" of the three major media companies rule the country today

  11. Smashing something we are told is a threat is completely different than smashing something that is a threat. Bush has proven that he would rather go after the threats he made up rather than the real threat that existed. You can trust our leaders to do the right thing, but for the span of my lifetime, their Mid East policy has been anything but honest.


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