Sunday, July 6, 2008

FOOD, Its Good For Ya---yeah it really is.

I really wish I had a buck for every new garunteed lose weight diet I have read or heard touted. If I did , these blog posts would be coming form some cruise ship in some far flung spot of the world, with a cold beer on hand---but I look out my porthole (window) and see we aint moving so we aint cruising, so hello reality.
People gain weight for two reasons. (1) they eat to much, or (2) they just have baad genes. 98 percent can't claim the second reason for their girth.
Fact:---people gain and retain weight for the simple reason they input (eat) more calories than they burn, and your body stores the excess as ---(lets say it together people)--"fat".
Want to lose weight---stop eating so much.
I have to shake my head listening to the Jenny Craig commercials, like hello she KNOWS the above, ---better YET she knows how to hold her customers hands and molly coddle and encourage them---she recognizes people are both dumb yet likable---pat em on the head, tell em YOU understand, and -----sell em food, and tell them HOW to eat it. Hey, your doing Good Jenny and I have no complaint with that or you.
Its not proper for me to just say stop eating and you will lose weight, ---and the experts , ad nausea, will tell ya, ---you gotta eat right, eat good foods, not junk crap (which does taste so good)---all I am saying is, and this is Rule One, ---eat more calories than ya burn, you won't lose weight---count points, count calories, do whatever works for ya---and hate me if ya must---try adding more , and then some more exercise to the mix---with proper exercise, ya can eat anything and everything---see rule one again.


  1. I have done weight watchers more than once, and it works. Funny when I quit stuffing my face like I may never eat again, I don't turn into a toad.

  2. well then you know---my work here is done.

  3. Burn more than you eat, that's the ticket. Hit the nail on the head there. Now, if I could only follow that advice. :)

  4. I find it funny how those that don't need to loose weight preach those who do. lol So what; syour opinion of obese people? Do you think all they do is sit around and eat Burger King?

    After gaining weight and having no energy , I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland. I kept telling them for years I had one, but it never showed up until recently.

    I would hate for someone to look at me and judge me.


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