Monday, July 21, 2008

How Do I Explain----??

I just got up and have just completed reading the comments on my previous post titled, "I didn't get the Stupid Memo!!", and I'm laughing both at my self and also at my readers, least those that were kind enough to make comments. How do I explain the previous posting---??
I guess the easiest way is to simply say my previous post was put out with tongue-in-cheek. It was meant to be a humorous look at myself , as the old dude viewed by those around me. The old guy trying to be cool and "with it" yet fumbling around with modern technology and frequently "not getting it"----or not getting it to fast or easily, needing to fumble around and kinda familiarize myself with things----finally the light goes on and the old dude gives out a sigh, "ahhhhh so THAT'S how it works". I merely tried to make it a cute laugh at myself and used the modern phrase a person offers as an excuse, when not in step with the others---"I didn't get the memo--"
I wasn't so much ranting as just babbling and chiding myself for my own ineptness in grasping basic fundamentals , that once I do figure them out, to only find how simple they were in the first place---I tend to make things more complex than I need to, and thereby confuse myself unnecessarily.----Anyway I didn't mean to confuse YOU all in the process of telling tales about myself. Now the coffee machine has stopped gurgling, so the coffee is ready and so if you will excuse me, I GOTTA go get my caffeine fix.


  1. I still think it was the
    Just kidding. Glad all is right in the world of Three Score Plus Ten. I'm off to kill the big Hornet so I can get to the next level. BBl


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