Friday, July 25, 2008

Nobody Noticed

I know I post a lot more frequently than many other bloggers---but I am not going to apologize for that. We all live in the same world, have our lives to live, and deal with the demands put upon us----. I fully recognize that some have more skills for sitting down and posting a blog than others,----but in my book that's like saying some can talk to strangers and others can't---again that is neither good or bad, its just the way it is. Personally, I am more prone to throw myself under a truck than consciously and deliberately stand up in front of a crowd and make a speech. I have no problem here in the dark, nobody watching (and nobody listening, or damn few anyway) and posting again and again here in my blog. That's what is neat about blogging, we can throw our opinions out there---our thoughts, ---------are likes and are dreams.
Why, why do it, why go to the trouble??---nobody listens to YOU, nobody wants your thoughts, nobody out THERE understands------!!!?? Why, why do WE blog, why do YOU blog??---------who really knows?
Know what really drives me up a tree?? People who say they read my posts all the time but only comment on the most current one---one gets the impression they feel guilty and should say something and the current post is convenient to input a comment ---and you know what really hurts?----they mean what they say, "---I don't have time for you but I like everything you say---".
I stopped and read my input above---damn I am selfish, and I owe everyone an apology, I input and wait for you to acknowledge and I bitch if ya don't?---oh crap, guess its all true , the World DOESN'T revolve around me---their loss, it would be a better world if it did. (anyone in Montreal reading this?)


  1. Someone in Tennessee is. Like I said before, I read them ALL..just sometimes I don't have a comment...or at least an intelligent one.

  2. Ah oh better go sit in the corner and eat worms. That's what Mom used to say anyway.

  3. Good Morning Gary
    I try to keep current on the blogs on my blog list but sometimes life gets in the way.
    My answers are up on my blog about the Meme.

    Bear((( )))

  4. You are over our heads sometimes. I usually comment but sometimes I can't think of anything to say that is smart or makes any sense. Did you find AARON?

  5. OK. Now I feel guilty, but hey, if guilt works, use the hell out of it. It got you four more comments than I have!

    You left a comment at my blog about your name being Gary, and, maybe you were named after Gary Cooper.... snort.....I left an answer for you in the same comment section of my post...... Give me a few minutes to book a flight out of here before you read it.

  6. I know, ---and I added another comment to yours.

  7. When the World stops revolving around me, maybe it will consider you for it's next special person.

    I once got into a debate over a statement I made. It went something like this, "We are all selfish. Each one of us has only our accumulation of personal perspectives and experiences from which to draw from to find our way. Other people outside our immediate circle of mutual dependents and personal take suck hind tit to the selfish interest of our own view of Life. It is not a bad thing. It is not a good thing. It is what it is."

    So go ahead and be selfish. Most if not all of us are also. We just manifest in different ways.

  8. You're not being ignored. Some people like me just have busy lives these days.

  9. Oh Gary, you know we love you. I've been through a tumultuous week and a half and I'm just now starting to regain some control over my own life.

    I could be a complete dick and make everything about me and be able to comment, but that wouldn't be good either.

    There are plenty of ups and downs in this business I suspect...especially for those with full-time jobs and projects on the side...and still finding time to blog, comment, improve, etc...

    What a life this is eh?


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