Monday, July 7, 2008

Git Em Up, ---lets move em out----RAWHIDE!!! EEEYAAAA!!!

ITS MONDAY PEOPLE!!! Have YOU blogged today? Don't ya know your dedicated readers have been suffering all weekend waiting for your honey like words to appear -----?? Yes, yes, its perfectly alright for you to lay out all the boring details of your fun 4th of July weekend adventures, the hot dogs ya ate, the firecracker excitement, yadda yadda yadda, and sure throw in the "cute" pics that were taken-----the main thing is to blog fill the screeen, feed your yapping readers, -----remember we are counting on ya---a post a day, that's all we ask---course two a day would be better----:)
I myself stayed home for the holiday, and have posted a number of blog entries---mostly babbling and rants, but anyway thought I would mention that. And YES, I do understand, whats a boy to blog about now?----is there life after a major holiday weekend?? Stay tuned sport fans---


  1. Congrats old boy on winning our contest. I have yet to blog today. Busy Busy!

  2. Where are your "cute" picture Gary? I have known, of course that's because you can't take pictures "there"

  3. Sorry NucMEd----but I just aint got a cute bone in my body---and its my considerate opinion that the world is a better looking place without Me being posted all over the place.


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