Sunday, July 13, 2008

July/13---Blog Post #38

Hello dear readers, I guess maybe I should first apologize for the rather dreary title of this posting---but its kinda goes with the nature of the posting itself. Maybe I blog to much, that is to say I Post things to often. I'm reasonable certain most people read the current posting but don't bother to take the time to scroll back to earlier ones, mainly because they just don't have the time to do so---them people got real lives and there is only so many hours in the day. Still, I blog and post, and post and post. You can scroll down my page and see my archive numbers since I started in April----.
THIS post is posting number 38 for the month of July---(today is July 13th), so if ya do the math, you can see I post a bit more than twice a day-----anyway , last month (The Month of June) I posted 71 entries for the month---which was six more than the month before that---S-O-O-O_O-, we are going for a personal record here in July---we just celebrated the 4th of July and so the number 76 comes to mind----"the Spirit of 76"----OHH yaaaaaa.
Relax readers, it would be nice if ya read every single one of my inputs and commented, but I know that's not fair of me to expect, and I promise not to re-write my will if you don't. (that last remark was to those family members who do read my blog---there actually are family members who don't---(sigh)---anyway you have been given a heads up as to what the rest of the month you can expect from the old dude---my problem is can I come up with interesting posts, or am I gonna get kinda truly boring-----LOL---pretty sure I got readers who won't let me get away with that, at least not without spunky input---got this one reader with tats on his toes---lives out in the old Fontana, Rialto, Colton, area--------(how ya doing Wayne?) ----KNOW he won't take crap for input-----. Now that I think about it neither will these guys, Rose, Dana, Demeur--- Guess having warned ya, can now go about figuring out what I am gonna do for at least 38 MORE posts between now and July 31-------(yah awl comeback now ya heah?)


  1. I think some of of your posts get missed because you post too many. I know it is hard, but try to post 1 or two a day and see how that works.

  2. I think you should show more posts on the current page. That way people can at least read the last few days. I love your blogging. Where does Wayne John live?

  3. Better to have 1 or 2 good posts than a whole lot of mediocre ones.

  4. I want a post dedicated to that pool in your back yard. I think that could be really entertaining!

  5. Thought I would pass this link along to you Gary. It's the world's Oldest Blogger. She was 108 and passed away recently. You might get a few ideas about blogging from her if you're interested.

  6. Duhhhh..forgot the link..

  7. Sue, I wish there were more bloggers like Olive Riley blogging their life story.

    Gary I still encourage you to.

  8. Gary,
    Well I finally found a little time to read everyone of your July blogs so now I am up to date. You are amazing! The way your write I feel you lost a calling.............but wait maybe not. You are using your God given talent to everyone who reads your blogs to maybe emulate some of your skill and talent. An older friend of mine in the Groves reads the political comments in the local paper and has been responding to alot of these writings and lo and behold she is often found in the newpaper herself with rebuttals etc.
    She is now finding herself in other areas of the country using her rebuttals since she writes so well. She is becoming pretty well known. I think you should do that also. We need someone like you to voice what most of us Americans feel instead of these wacked out far left, freaks who seem to take center stage with the nut case media we have.

    What say Unc?

  9. Well here I am, visiting my first blog! Instead of Uncle Gary, maybe I should start calling you Uncle Blog?! Somehow that name reminded me of some of the movies you used to take me to when I was in grade school.

    Talking about that, my La Paloma, Baja neighbor is a real sci-fi nut and bought over his b&w copy of "THEM...The Giant Ants". I think when it came out I would have been around seven, 53 years ago! I'm proud to say that I didn't have to cover my eyes this time.

    Hope to see you soon.


  10. --whackos to the Left of me-----whackos to the Right of me----hell will stick to the middle of the road and just whack down the dotted line---oooh LOOK??? how'd that Chicken get over to that side anyhow?

    -----be reasonable---whack this way-----

  11. Hey Gary, don't stay in the middle of the road you'll get run over. hehe :)


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