Friday, July 11, 2008

California Ain't Cheap

It was recently announced in our local newspapers that the Los Angeles city in a UNANIMOUS vote of 12 - 0, approved the fiscal budget for the coming year of $7.01 BILLION dollars. To put that figure into perspective---That's more than the entire annual Gross National Income of the entire country of Zimbabwe!!-----and keep in mind that is the Los Angeles CITY budget, and not the Los Angles county-----so when you all come to visit us out here----bring lots of money, and help keep Los Angeles green . (seems all the visits from politicians this year has us running a deficit out here---)----to meet the new budget, seems us home owners get to see the price of trash pick up (once a week) go from $28/mo. to $36/mo.---along with a whole slew of other increases of fees, permits and I don't want to even begin to discuss the cost of Water----which is about to be rationed , in that we are in the midst of a real draught out here.


  1. The price of rice in China..errr.. California is one of the big reasons I moved to Tennessee!
    Prices kept going up, up, up...but my salary was staying the same. I remember the drought we had a while back out in Calif. when Lake Shasta went down so far, it took years for it to get back to normal. It's probably down again now. With gas and everything else so high out there I don't see how some people make ends meet! We have yet to hit the $4.00 a gallon here..although it's almost there. ($3.89 as of today)

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow ... that's one heck of a budget number.

  3. That really is quite amazing the way you put it. With august slowly creeping up on comes another summer. You ready Gary?


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