Thursday, July 3, 2008

What Goes Around-Comes around

Each generation has to differentiate itself form the proceeding one---this is usually presented in the ongoing arugumental vein--"its not like it was when YOU were a kid" argument we get from the kids. I laugh saying that as ooh yeahh been there done THAT---but then about the time I got to be in my early 20's (and keep in mind I was a "late bloomer"), discovered my parents were not really that stupid, in fact they were waaaay ahead of me---as most kids reaching adulthood discover for themselves.
Their ARE other differences between generations however---the outbreak of AIDS definitely had an impact on kids reaching puberty and dealing with raging hormones---end result??---kids today think in terms of going steady, not playing the field lie preceding generations. If one does NOT have a significant other----they are outcasts, nothing ----why does society encourage this kind of thinking?---or is it Madison avenue directing the program?
Other modern factors---the high cost of living in most large cities----the acceptance of young people living together, sans marriage---a radical change from what was acceptable in earlier generations---frankly I see this as a healthy development of social activity--much more realistic than previous expectations put upon MY generation.
Things ARE evolving, good , bad and indifferent----change---win some, lose some---scary at times---one accepts change ---to fight it is to lose and become a "caricature", dated, something lost in the past----not modern,----you don't understand daddy/Mommy--its not like that anymore---hell what do I know anyway, only seen this about three times and here we go again-----"one more time, sing it to me again SAM---"---anyway, there are differences between generations---but then not sure really they ARe all that different---PUMP UP THE VOLUME


  1. Happy fourth to you young man!

    You were one of the first people to actually read my blog when I started it back in April. Things are getting a bit better, getting about 40 hits a day. Little by little as my father would say.

    All the best to you and yours on this independence day.


  2. Hey There---I myself started by blog late last April----so fully understand the effort involved, and thanks for checking in, keep up the good word (aka work). Hope your 4th is a bang-up day for ya.



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