Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Is It Soup Yet?"

     This being a Presidential election year, its a real hoot watching the herd of reporters all trying to be first with a story on the political scene.  There are only a few news networks, all the others just pass on whatever they are saying---thats why nobody can take politics seriously anymore---its all just a publicity circus.  Who can bad mouth the other guy the bestest.----The rest of the world laughs itself sick over our elections.
      Take Obama for example---that guy has been running for president since he made the inaugural speech for Clinton.  "They" saw the potential in him even then.  How he was photogenic, young, a new face---better yet he was a guy that would listen to his handlers, and not give em a bunch of static. (watch him zig left and right to get the best public opinion poll for that week)
     Then there is McCain, "They" had to make a decision, but it was hard to make as they had to find out first, who he was gonna run against-- and it took forever for the Donks to decide who they wanted to run, once that was decicded then "They" opted to go with McCain, (maybe next time Huckabee), rather than a younger newer face in the crowd, that way it would allow the game to present itself as a choice, "Old" versus "New". 
     So here we go sportsfans----just remember, not fair to ask the candidates any tough questions, like, what do we do about the Social Security system going broke?  "Did we have 3000 plus of our military get killed in Iraq, and now should we just pull the rest home and pretend its a victory?  or just pull them out of Iraq and  move them to Ahganistan, and sell it as "change"?  No fair asking about energy programs, as nobody wants our beaches destroyed with offshore drilling, or refinererines in OUR backyards.  Don't ask them questions about how they might stop americans from buying less costly goods from China rather than the expensive equivalents produced by our fellow citizens.  and no questions allowed about why people were so dumb as to allow themselves to be sold the idea of buying houses they couldn't afford  and lets blame the greedy banks for that. ----anyway, you get the drift. keep the questions simple, so he candidates can lob in their 30 second sound bites for the evening news---and lets enjoy the tongue in cheek negative political ads that make it possible for the media to bring us the cheap, no name actors, reality crap they give us .
    Its the "Donks" turn-----will he blow it ---that berlin decision not to visit our troops wasn't good?? (see where the defense minister of Iraq visited our wounded??)


  1. You know, I wish I had something constructive to say, bt I don't, so I will say this...

    I will take the guy that gave Kerry's nomintaion speech, because frankly, I'm done with what we have. I am a conservative liberal. I don't believe in a ton of the liberal platform, but frankly, I have had enough of this. "This" being the last eight years.

    I may live to regret it, but after McCains latest jab involving Paris and Britney, I mean really?

  2. I can't believe that someone would decided to vote for a candidate just because of a television add! Although...I feel the same way..I mean...I don't want EITHER of them! Can we have a third choice please? I have a mind of which one is the lesser of the two evils..but is that a reason to vote for him? I would much rather vote for someone I actually feels will do the job. Right now I don't see anyone that fits that bill. I'm sooooooo confused. How is one to make an intelligent decision on which canditate when we have nothing but idiots running?

  3. I agree with Sue ... neither of these candidates is very appealing to me.

    I do know who I plan to vote for "right now". That decision could perhaps change.

    In my opinion ... this is going to be a very scary (yes I said scary) Presidential race.

    I would like to know who each of these candidates plan to choose for their Vice President ... maybe that will sway my decision.

  4. I am not a political person...but I agree with everyone above. Very scary this election. I do have a good idea who I will vote for, but like Missy, I would like to know who the running mates will be. Maybe we should decide on a 3rd person we all like and write them in (lol).

  5. I'm going to be the stick in the mud here being 100% for Obama. McCain is part of the problem that got us in this mess.

    I would block drilling for more oil with everything I have. We don't have a shortage, we have people with lots of money blocking us from doing the things to fix everything. Fuel efficient vehicals should have been build by 1980. The lobbyist succeded in buying our government and stoppping progress to the point we find ourselves at now.

    Also there is no price too high to save our environment. Without earth, there is no place for us to go.

  6. I am a very conservative person who has worked hard, saved our money and we are in a good place. I have to say to Midnight that I find it offensive that you more than suggest that people with money are "blocking us from doing things to fix everything". Boo Hoo! While people around us were eating at fast food places I was brown bagging it not because we couldn't afford it but because we had goals to meet and every drop in the bucket went to fulfill our dreams. That's were the dems and the conservatives differ. The dems say it's only a drop so why bother and the conservatives see each drop as filling the pot and that annalogy applies to gov't programs also. The dems say it's just a little program, what's a hundred million compared to what we are spending on the war every day. You see the mentality there?? Why are some people (voters) able to vote about how our money is spent when some do not even work but live off our tax dollars??? Does that make sense to anyone? Everyone blames the rich but who are the rich?? Personally we have a 6 figure income but almost 1/2 goes towards taxes. Where is the fairness in that. As far as our candidates are concerned I am not wild about either. Time will tell us more about these two men.

  7. Anonymus has a good point----people aren't divided by rich or poor, so much as have earned and havn't earned. I see the difference between our two political parties as one sees everything as being so complex, that only the national government can manage a program to solve it--while the other prefers to see problems as best solved by the people living in the local area of the problem. There are waay to many give away programs and not enough "entitlement" programs, but thats a whole different kettle of fish to fry.

  8. I feel sad for anon. First the present "conservative" government has spent more money than all the presidents combined. Where did that money go? Oil companies and other corporations like Haliburton come to mind. People living off our tax dollars are rare. I guess you'd just throw your disabled grandma into the street because she can't work and pay taxes. And if you're paying 50% in taxes you'd better fire your accountant and get a new one. Warren Buffet pays less in taxes than his receptionist and he doesn't itemize. Look it up.
    Gary your right this isn't about rich or poor it's about the middle class that's being wiped out that's the issue.

  9. Well Demeur I said almost 50% and that includes state, federal, and property and the reason for that is that we decided to be debt free so unlike most people we stayed within our means and achieved this not long ago. It took 40 years but we did it. As far as people living off our tax dollars you have got to be kidding. You have child care, health care, WIC programs, food stamps, school lunches, higher education, grants, pels, etc., HUD or subsidized rent, programs to buy a house. There is a program out there for everything imaginable and the list goes on and on. And no I would not begrudge any disabled person receiving anything to take care of their basic needs. That's what the dems always bring up, it's all about entitlements. I have to say I am jealous of these young high school and college kids that go to all parts of the world to "study" for a few weeks on my tax dollars. I am jealous that todays society has not a care in the world because if you look for it I am positive there is a government program out there to meet their needs. How do you feel about that? How do you feel about going to the grocery store and stand behind someone in line that has a Starbuck's coffee in one hand, their finger and toe nails manicured and their cart loaded with every imaginable treat and high end meats and find when they pay they have their food stamps in one envelope and then in another their WIC coupons. Then you check out and there they are pilling into a newer car and drive off. Albeit, that is not always the case as you would argue but I've seen more often than not. These are not people in need, they have managed to make the taxpayers their employer. And as far a Warren Buffet goes he must have many properties and employs personal to mange them and must donate a massive amount of money to charities that off set his taxes and live the lifestyle he does. These are called by some as tax "loopholes" but I for one am grateful that these wealthy people have chosen to give their money to areas of concern and interest to them rather than give it to the government to create more BS. What a novelty, give your money to areas that actually help people and give back to society.

  10. Gee Gary, you finally got a blog fight, nice work!


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