Monday, July 7, 2008

ISPs To Shut Down The Free Internet?

One of my many "spiders" has reported a rumor that, in the not to distant future, a coalition of ISP's, will no longer provide free access to all web sites but will offer to they're subscribers a multilevel pay plan modeled not unlike that which Cable TV offers they're customers. A basic plan say with a few sites, for a mere $29.95/mo, for those that wish to be able to access say the more popular sites, these will be offered say at $49.95/mo. and for those that want it all , an unlimited access to all of the web for a mere $99.95/mo. The rumor has it these plans may go into effect as early as 2010.
One doesn't have to ponder what effect this will have on the WWW, as its obvious that those sites that fail to attract traffic, will quickly fade away, leaving us with just the bigger sites, and just like the cable company offerings----if ya want the good stuff, you'll have to pay for it---otherwise it will be just like today for those TV watchers who can't afford even the basic cable plans-----commercial city, with brief interruptions of so called reality programs.
So what can we do about this people----write our congress representatives, who DOES control the web anyway?-------


  1. If the rumor is true ... well, it just sucks! So eloquently said ... right???

  2. I agree with SUCKS...BIG TIME.
    I suppose it was just a matter of time until someone decided that we should'nt be gettin "somethin for nuttin" and figure out a way to charge us for it. We already "pay" for our service providers...what more do they want?

  3. Aren't we already paying to use the web? I know we get a monthly bill for access via that fancy dancy digital hook up my wife just had to have for her business.

    I just do not see how this can work without ISP providers moving underground, changing their names, and wearing disguises into work everyday.

  4. This is just a rumor (I hope). How can we allow something like this to happen? I want to rule the internet (not really), and having MSNBC and others take over like that will squeeze out the little guys. Not fair!

  5. Oh man that would make some very dificult decisions necessary in my household and I know what would win out at this particular point and time. All that is free is good-- paying for it? Not so much


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