Saturday, July 12, 2008

Its A Matter Of Style

I have to ask my readers. You all having read my blog crap now for a time---have more or less determined I have a , dare I say it --??-- A Style?? I hadn't started my blog with anything particular in mind, ---just kinda fell into throwing my thoughts out as they came to mind and deciding very quickly in the game to ignore worrying about punctuation and even spelling (although to be honest I AM using the spell checky thingie more often---but not sure just how good it is, it keeps telling me acouple things I just flat out don't agree on----one being it doesn't recognize "acouple" as a word. ----and the other being it keeps telling me that lil, should be spelt with a capital L----damn feature is pushy as heck.
     I have gotten away from my original question---does my blog have a unique style---or would it best be described as just catering to a "perception".  My warped mind is all over the map on this issue, hell at this point kinda lost between are we talkin style or just illusions----LOL---there's that song from the broadway show----"I had a Dream about YOU baby??----", but that one fades out only to be replaced with the one with Rosalind Russell leading the kid up the stairs saying, "The World is a Banquet and most poor suckers are Starving to death" (Thats gotta be one of my favorite Movies, "Aunte Mame", with Rosiland Russell).  In that movie her apartment goes through about six do-overs showing various styles---all fantastic--my favorite however is the first one, with the hissing dragon feature on the front door.  ("SAINTS PRERSERVE US!!"---SCREAMED Mrs. Muldoon---clutching her heart "----but hey aint this always the question as we go through life---we working on style, or are we just concerned with others Perceptions of us?---well one perception I don't have to question-- I am DEFINITELY IN NEED OF ANOTHER COLD BREWSKI----


  1. I don't know if you were asking a question or just making a statement. Have you considered making each post a different style instead of joining ALL styles into one post? Like maybe one post for rambling. One post for wandering down memory lane. One dedicated to music. One dedicated to your opinions, etc.?

    I've notice one particular style lately: No one posts on weekends. I think that they just might be using their office time to post (out of boredom maybe) and their weekends to get away from computers.

    What do you think Gary?

    As for the rest of you....we're ONTO you!!!

  2. I'm not sure if you're asking a question here or just thinking out loud. I've stopped caring about others perception of me.

    Dana, I post on weekends.

  3. Your "style" is as unique as you are Gary. All I know is I enjoy most everything you blog about. So to me..whatever you're doing is great!

    Gary...I will try to answer your question about the "biz" on Monday..when I"m off for the first time in 12 days

    Dana...I blog on weekends..when I have time to blog.

  4. enjoy your blog as it is, at least you blog that is more than I can say for myself.
    see ya

  5. I think you have an eclectic style. You post about what's on your mind at that particular moment. I like that.

  6. I love hearing what you have you say. Don't change a things about your blog.

  7. Well I notice the level of blog postings falls way off on weekends. I kinda agree , I think alot of blog posts get input during the week when people are at work---and hmm not working---and then on weekends to busy having fun to blog----but I'm not here to change the world, although if I had the power there are some changes I have in mind---(heh, heh heh)

  8. IMO, Style is not something you look for. It finds you. Do what you do enough and eventually your patterns and tendencies will fill out what becomes your style. The spellchecker thing is like the lines on the highway. Suggestions that might help you navigate safely in the enviroment you find yourself in. Being safe all the time can be damn boring. I ignore it on a reg-lah basis.

  9. oooh oooooh, I just Luv your "STYLE" Mrmacrum


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