Monday, July 21, 2008

Politics Like Religion are Personal

I have posted a couple frank, down to earth post relating to MY politics---its not important to me if you agree or disagree. Its only important that we agree , at least in this country, we each have the right to express our opinions.---and I am comfortable enough to believe the vast majority of you agree with that principle----. So lets all sign up to---(think about it before rushing to an answer)---lets keep our arguments (political)---be based on FACTS, not emotional rhetoric. Facts are facts---and yes facts can be interpreted differently---and that's cool, ---the KEY is ---stay with the facts-------don't take positions just because you have a gut feel---stay with what the facts define---------I will, ---fair enough?---no fair using heresay, or somebody else said---get the facts to present YOUR interpretations---thats fair enough right?-----FACTS RULE


  1. You want facts? Whose facts? Your facts or my facts?

    I am not sure if you have had much experience in the political forums end of the net, but as a rule, a thread started like the one previous to this one will only be rewarded with comments in the same vein as your original post. You want reasonable debate, start it off that way.

    Now as to facts. What sources would be acceptable for these facts. The CATO Institute? Free Republic? Daily Kos? Fox News? CNN? The New York Times? The Rolling Stone? Drudge Report? Your best buddy's blog?

    No media outlet has a completely unbiased approach to the news. Everyone's facts are suspect. But on some things there is no disagreement. It is then up to us to use our minds and yes, our guts to tell us what we want to accept as fact.

    A perfect example sits in front of us everyday. Iraq, that dusty sandy paradise that sits between a rock and a hard place. The fact is we invaded. Now the spinners and the weavers take over and the "facts" are twisted to support one view of it or another. And just because there is an "official version" does in no way mean it should be held any higher than any other. Unless of course you trust the government. And if that trust changes like you change your pants and depends on which party is in the driver's seat, then maybe you should look to your party elders for the facts. They surely won't lead you wrong. They always tell the truth. The veracity of both leaderships is beyond reproach. (you know I almost gagged when I wrote that)

    I think rather than insisting on facts, insist on being informed. And that starts by you being informed. If you only look to one side for your facts, then you are only half informed. Every debate has two sides. Knowing the other one will often point up the weakness of your stand or give you a perspective you might not have thought of. I always try to look at opposing views when making up my mind. Because over the years, those opposing views have often taken me in new directions. And yes, I do it with my gut.

  2. I have to agree with MrMacrum. Being informed is the best way to discuss or debate politics. I usually stay away from political discussions...too many "facts" that are false. After comes down to your opinion verse your readers opionions. I believe your "gut" feelings should be paid attention to more the long run they usually turn out to be true or right on the money.

  3. I agree its important to be informed, and one should be open to both sides of any given issue, and thus make an informed decision. My intent is to state my opinions based on my interpetation of facts, that is to say not just state my opinions but give the facts on which my opinion is based. Yes I am aware that one runs into the old the glass is half full, versus the glass is half empty syndrome. The fact remeains however that the glass has a measurable amount of liquid in it.

  4. You know there was a time when the news media held our leaders accountable for what they said and did. It didn't matter which party they came from. Those days are long gone so now we must rely on leaks, emails and recorded phone conversations and wait for that information to be verified. I'd be a little bit more trusting with the present party in power had they not been caught changing scientific reports to fit their own political agenda. And you know as well as I that when someone lies to you several times you will question anything that person says in the future. I could give you hard evidence of the misinformation that has been put out there for the last seven years but that would fill an entire website.
    Glass half full or glass half empty? The current powers would have you believe that there's no glass at all. It's all your bad attitude so quit whining they say. Now how deluded is that?

  5. Political arguments these days seem to arise with persons who do not have any knowledge of economics, history or geography. Practically everything they say or do in the political arena has to do with media hipe/heresay and off-the-cuff "feelings". They absolutely cannot grasp the big picture because they are too busy listening to themselves instead of thinking of their future. And, you cannot talk to them so why try?

  6. Barrack Hussein Obama
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