Friday, July 25, 2008

The Camel's Nose

I was perusing the various news blogs and ran across an article that talked to the problem Jerry Brown (Ex-gov of California, but still hangin in Public Employment, (currently as The States "Top" lawyer), was having in regard to the new bill being debated in the state legislature, redefining the lega sale of Prescription Marijauna. The consensus of the Article was the higher courts would NOT uphold the new bill defining the sale of legal Marijuana that "Moonbeam " is pushing for.

For those not familiar with California laws, we currently allow the growing and selling of Marijauna to those that have a medical perscription for same. From what I can understand its okay if a person limits onesself to not more than growing 99 plants, in a plot not bigger than 10 x 10 (100sq ft.)----the problem with the current bill redifines the current in effect rules and gets all very complexed--and I am not exactly clear on just what all the bother is about.

The issue raises two questions in this old dudes mind. 1) who is "FOR" this bill, and who is "Against" it? (like whose OX is getting gored with this bill?), and 2) How is it going to bring the price of Marijauna down to the consumers?----actually have a third question---is the sale of Marijana subject to all the taxes that tobacco is??
     Its all a tempest in a Teapot---the camel has his nose in the tent---we are just negotiating how much more of the camel gets in---.  Kinda suspect the drug people are against this bill---legalized drugs taxed by the state----nothing for the drug cartels??----Drugs just another product for late night TV to advertize?


  1. If they are going to sell it (the state) I'm sure they will tax it!! I remember Jerry Brown when he was the "gov". He wouldn't live in the Govenor's mansion (the old one in downtown Sac)He live in an apartment and his bed was a mattress on the floor. He was the "hippie" govenor...and he was goin with Linda Rondstad back then too! I lived in Sacramento at that time and it was a big deal that he wouldn't live in the mansion. Well Reagan didnt' either!
    Where is Arnold living????

  2. I agree with you here Gary it's all about the money. The problem I have with all of this is wasn't the use of marijuana supposed to be limited to terminally ill patients? From what I heard if you have the sniffles you can get a prescription. The other problem is that it's still against federal law. Not that any of this really matters to me as I don't drink or do drugs. We get tested every year. National security you know.

  3. I am not sure it should be legalized. They are going to tax anything that gets sold so everyone needs to get over that one. I don't think they will get away with no taxes.

  4. Judi
    What's to stop the tax cheaters on this if you could legally grow 99 plants. They can't stop all the meth labs in this country. I know I've cleaned up a few of them. The only way I can see to fix this problem would be to make it cheaper than grow your own and outlaw home grown all together. Just a thought.


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