Monday, July 14, 2008

Being Older We Know It All---Right??---Wrong!!

Yes being older we do know an awful lot of stuff. That is to say we have boldly gone ahead, hit walls, fallen down, skinned our knees and well learned stuff---now we see the younger crowd coming onto the scene and we grin knowingly---knowing what we know---shake our heads, and watch history repeat itself----we LIKE to tell the kids we know it all---but hey 98 percent isn't EVERYTHING!!. I recall an incident where a young relative of mine (a Nephew, some 11 years my junior came to me with a problem he had----one in which I myself had no experience---how was I do advise him---he had come to me for help---????
Well I did give him my sympathy, and even thanked him for coming to me , even though my advice was worthless to solving his problem. The point here is, sometimes the KIDS have REAL problems---not the general run of the mill growing up falling down lessons that need to be learned. and MY point is, lets not get TO smug in our "Been there, done That" attitudes---although 98 percent of the time ---WE HAVE been there------elders Rule.
m My Neph's problem?---He had got married at 17, and he wanted ME to tell my brother (his Father)---I declined, and told my Nephew on that particular problem he was on his own---. I am very pleased to say THAT worked out well enough between my Nephew, and his father.


  1. Absolutely the right answer there Gary. If he is old enough and responsible enough to get married he should be man enought to tell his dad. Time to grow up kid.

  2. I agree with Demeur ...

    And that was a heavy load to lay on you. It was his situation ... good that he came to you to ask for advise ... but HE was the only one that could handle that one.

  3. That 11 years age difference did make a difference. You had enough experience to not touch it with a ten foot pole.

  4. Heh, heh, heh, always did have a good sense of self survival---yeah me telling my brother the ex marine his son was married-----Id rather try running across the freeway in rush hour traffic---

  5. Gary, YOU are the one with the, and I quote:
    " and MY point is, lets not get TO smug in our "Been there, done That" attitudese:"

    Boy, if that's not the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is.

    By the way slugger: thanks for the MEME. There's no one left for ME to hit!!!

  6. guess your gonna haave to out in the blogosphere an nail aocuple strangers, tell "the old dude" forced ya----.


  7. Gary, I think you gave him the best advice of all. How did it all turn out?

  8. I'm with Demeur, it's all part of responsibility and growing up.

    That is good advice to remember...


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