Saturday, July 26, 2008

Its Been A Month Since The Law Went Into Effect

What Law you ask??----the one that says if your caught driving while using a hand held phone, you get a ticket Law.
Since July 1st when the law went into effect, the California Hwy Patrol (Chips) and local traffic police have issued something in excess of 5000 tickets. The number one excuse law breaking drivers offer is they didn't know the law had gone into effect (to not know it was going into effect July 1st, one would have had to be unconscious for the preceding 6 months, ---the state advertised it all to hell and back . Needless to say this excuse was not accepted by the ticket giving police.
The second biggest excuse was, "oooh the phone rang and I just answered it out of habit"---That excuse wasn't accepted either.
The price for the first offense is $76----the second offense is $190. You would think that people would be somewhat more responsible while driving. I had occasion to drive the freeway last Saturday between Lake Forrest (that's about five miles south of Irvine), all the way back up to Pasadena on the 5 Freeway, thats a distance of about 60-70 miles-----and I quickly spotted an awful lot of people ignoring this new law. I figure the state needs the money and may have an great new source of revenue----5,000 tickets a month, so at 76 bucks for the first offense, 190 bucks for the second--------go get em officers.


  1. It is a hard habit to break. I need to get my Blue Tooth working.

  2. You are so fortunate that your state has enacted that law. In the Canadian province I live in the Premier does not think it is necessary.
    Not wishing bad things to happen, but if a member of his family gets involved in an accident with another driver using a hand held, how much you want to bet he will find it necessary real quickly.
    Sorry for the rant.

    Bear((( )))

  3. It's not a law here yet...but it should be! I've seen so many "near misses" and either one or both drivers were on a cell phone. I hate it when I get a call when I'm driving..but I have to admit I do answer it. However, I usually just say I'm driving and will call back when I stop.

  4. I'm with Bear. I wish that law would go into place here.

  5. I hate cell phones. I have one but never use it. Don't even know the number. So I,m with you here for sure. Drivers using cell phones drives me carzy. I had one almost take me out on my bike while they were deep into some conversation instead of watching where they going. $190 for the first offense doesn't seem like enough of a hit. $200 would be better. More of an attention getter.

  6. Oddly enough, I would rather someone be talking on their phone than texting which is allowed. Mel

  7. Cell phones are hugely distracting. I see drivers all the time yapping on them and sailing through stop signs and red lights. Drives me crazy.

    A few years ago, for some silly reason, I was running in an election and was given a cell phone to use by one the party's backroom organizers. For a few days, I turned into the person I always criticized - always taking calls while driving. Then one day, while driving to a town not far away to do some door knocking, I got a call from a voter. He wanted to ask me a question or two, and I tried to talk to him while driving. After about a minute of this, I realized that I was neither concentrating on my driving nor making any sense in the telephone conversation. I asked the caller to hold while I got my car stopped and pulled off the road. When I got on the telephone again, the caller was laughing. "I was wondering why you sounded so lost," he said. Just the sort of thing one needs to hear when running for office, but we did have a good laugh about it. I never used the phone again while behind the wheel, and gave the phone back once I got my butt kicked on Election Day.

    I blame the cell phone.

  8. It's a secondary offense up here but our legislators want to make it a primary in the not to distant future.
    Here's a poll question: Have you ever been cut off by someone on a cell phone not paying attention?

    It's happened to me at least twice.

  9. I've seen quite a few near misses in parking lots and such because drivers are more interested in concentrating on their cell phone conversations than paying attention to driving. I just saw one on Sunday.

  10. I LOVE that I can zap calls now and have an excuse other than 'I was busy'. I hate talking on the phone...period. Yet I'm so tied to this damn cell phone you would think otherwise.

    For Demeur, I have, on my motorcycle. Let me tell you, there is no greater satisfaction I find than to start bitching at these people when they do this and they think they just pissed off a mean looking biker. Lol...if they only knew what a pussycat I really am, that wouldn't work...but I do find satisfaction in it. I think it makes them wake up a bit more than another 'cager' (person in a car) being cut off.


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