Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Day After The Day

Okaaaaay another 4th of July celebrated, hopefully the night (tonight), will be quiet and sleeping can be properly attended too. LAST NIGHT---seemed like an on going sporadic war going on outside, what with small to medium fire crackers being enthusiastically thrown about---concluding at 3am with two very loud window shaking explosions, which had me laying there in bed almost holding my breath waiting for the fire trucks and police to arrive---neither did, and the next thing I knew it was dawn and my body was screaming for its Caffeine fix.---which I am now imbibing and writing this summary.
To back up some, to celebrate the 4th here, we , the LP and I, put together a dinner of Quiche Loraine, mini hot dogs filled with cheese, a concoction made from Deviled Ham, and some mayonnaise , and spices, club crackers and mostest and bestest of all , a cold bottle of Champagne, and episodes 4, 5 & 6 of "Huff", which upon conclusion we then switched to regular TV and watched the fireworks at the end of the Boston Pops concert.---on our new 42" digital TV, the fireworks were PHEEEENOMINAL!!


  1. We watched the fireworks on tv too. The Washington DC display was pretty spectacular. Mike and I both said we want to bet THERE next year on the 4th of July!

  2. I watched the fireworks from Nashville on the TV. My grandkids went to Nashville and saw the show in person. When I asked them if it was as good as it looked on TV they said it was the best fireworks show they had ever seen...guess ya have to be there. Too many people and too much traffic for this old lady. Just glad this "holiday" is over.


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