Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Picture Posting Playtime

I am playing around with my Photobucket account, I see how well Mrmacrum makes good use of Photobucket, and I figure I might as well learn how too. This Pic leaped off the page at me as I just recently read a friends blog (Nucmed is hot)on which the comment was made "---I just heart Rednecks" so I figured I would see if I could post something with a pic taken from the web.----shucks, gotta say does kinda look sorta neat huh? Now if I can just get the hang of how to write text around the pic like he does----practice, practice practice, I can can do this-------damn it I WILL learn how to do this-----!!!


  1. To do the wrap text, you need to add a 'style' to the image.

    There are many nuances to this, and much more than I can go into in a comment unfortunately. If you are feeling spunky, you need to add the following to the image tag ([img]) that allows you to put a pic on your post.

    Try adding this to your existing [img] tag:


    I know this is just enough to drive you crazy with it, and I apologize. You are stepping into deeper waters be warned! I'll do a post on this for everyone. It's in queue...

  2. Oh, you will need to look at HTML view to see the tags that make up the post when in your post editor.

  3. Wayne is right. If you are composing in compose mode, punch the HTML button to write your posts. Once I did that, I was able to figure out more about this maddening computer stuff. I have had problems and still do with posting directly from Photobucket or any other site. What I usually do is send a copy to a folder in my computer and then download to the blog from there. I have more control over how it turns out. If you notice my latest post with the cute little puppy, for some reason the download gremlin in my puter was drunk and would not let me download from my computer. I had to do it from Photobucket directly. And notice no word wrap.

  4. You have very smart blogging friends Gary.


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