Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Little Bit About Me----Nine Layers

Wayne John  threw out his post "A little bit about me" and I figured if he could , then so could I---so here are MY nine layers:


  1. Name:  Gary
  2. Birth date:  April 28, 1937, a few minutes after midnight, (there is a story there, but another time)
  3. Birthplace:  Belle Vernon, Pa. (a small town on the Monongehela river about a hour from Pittsburg)
  4. Current Location:  Valley Glen, a suburb of Metropolitan Los Angeles, California.
  5. Eye Color: --Hazel  (thats a mix of blue/green which changes depending on how we feel and what colors we happen to be wearing that day.
  6. Hair Color: Use to be light brown, now its mostly grey
  7. Height: 6-2"
  8. Righty or Lefty:  Right handed, and I dress that way also, for what thats worth
  9. Zodiac Sign:  Taurus---save time, agree with me now.

  1. Your heritage: My family has lived in these United states since at least 1839, (thats BEFORE Ellis Island), but according to my father, when I had to get a passport to imigrate to Canada, we put down Welsh/German as our heritage---if thats true, it had to have been before 1839-----no records
  2. The shoes you wore today:  K-SWISS sneakers
  3. Your weakness: Gambling, I just love blackjack---also like to drink, needless to say the two don't mix, otherwise I would be a rich drunk.
  4. Your fears: Being poor and ending up on the dole
  5. Your perfect pizza:  Thin crust Combination (hold the anchovies)
  6. Goal you’d like to achieve:  I have two goals, (1) pay off my two credit cards, and (2) earn a buck with my blog.  Its gonna be a neck and neck race to see which of the above I accomplish first.


  1. Your most overused phrase on AIM: LOL, guess that would be "Wuz UP?"
  2. Your first waking thoughts:  "Do I really wanna get up or no?" (being retired I have that option)
  3. Your best physical feature:  My best?? gee I have so many, but if I have to pick one, guess it would be my relaxed confident but non-aggressive air. (I'm non-threatening--like most old dudes)
  4. What you miss the most: --guess its looking back and recognizing missed opportunites, that won't come my way again.

  1. Pepsi or Coke:  Definitely Coke  (that was when you could actually blind folded taste the difference between the two-----not like todays bland colas.
  2. McDonald’s or Burger King:  Neither, I'm an "In&Out" afficionado
  3. Single or group dates:  At 71 going out is a real treat, and I don't put restrictions on if its single or group----it could easily be the last outing---and wouldn't want to miss it.
  4. Adidas or Nike:  Not a brand junkie here---all I want is a plain white canvas sneaker
  5. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: If I am going to drink Tea, then I want real tea, neither Lipton or Nestea sells real tea-----next time ya go to the store look for Twinings (Earle Grey).
  6. Chocolate or vanilla:  If I have to choose between just these two flavors of Ice cream then its Chocolate--if it's served with Pie or Cake, then of course would want Vanilla (french vanilla preferred)

  1. Smoke?: Not since Jan 1,2008---or 27lbs ago
  2. Cuss?:  I do, but I do my best to save it for appropriate occasions, when my regular vocabulary just doesn't describe things right.
  3. Sing?:  Not very well, and only in the shower
  4. Take a shower everyday?:  Yes, I love to sing
  5. Do you think you’ve been in love?: Love comes on many levels, my answer here is YES
  6. Want to go to college: Been there done that, and not very well--its super if your only into one subject, and want to learn that subject, us seniors love specializing on things.
  7. Liked high school?:  Which one, I went to three different highschools, graduated from Pueblo,Colorado, Central High---"GO WILDCATS"
  8. Want to get married?:  Being 71, and being Gay, the question is kinda irrelevant---A man commits to his partner----he's married------if in his mind he's not committed, then there is no marriage---to have a legal document is superfulous----except for tax purposes , but that right is denied Gays.
  9. Believe in yourself:  Always, if I did something right, it was me, if I ended up on the short end of the stick--twas also me-----I take all the credit---all the bows and yes all the blame.
  10. AlwaysGet motion sickness:  Not always, but spin me around long enough I am sure I can upchuck with the best of em.
  11. Think you’re attractive: Hell yeah, ---I clean up damn good.
  12. Think you’re a health freak:  No
  13. Get along with your parent(s): Not as a teenager, but since then got along pretty damn good, unfortunately  lost my parents a number of years back (its the natural order of things)
  14. Like thunderstorms: Love a good thunder and lightning storm--if I am properly grounded of course.
  15. Play an instrument:  No.
LAYER SIX: In the past month…

  1. Drank Alcohol: Oh yeah...
  2. Smoked: No, want to yes, but  I quit 1/1/08
  3. Done a drug:  Nope, drugs are for losers
  4. Made out:  (yes---oh yeah life doesn't end at 70)
  5. Gone on a date?: No (meeting a group of friends socially doesn't constitute a date right?)
  6. Gone to the mall: Yes
  7. Eaten an entire box of Oreos:  I ate a cookie a while back, not sure if it was an oreo, but definitely not a whole box.
  8. Eaten sushi:  Eat raw fish? not yesterday, not today and not tomorrow
  9. Been on stage: Not since the 3rd grade when I played the minor role as one of six, "Ice Men" to the "Snow Maiden" in some Xmas Play, the Snow Maiden was the star and Sang "Ave Maria". I had no speaking lines----I fired my agent, and gave up show biz.
  10. Been dumped: No
  11. Gone skating: Yes, both roller skating and Ice skating---all I can say I was your basic 6'-2" lovable Klutz.
  12. Made homemade cookies:  Yes, the ever popular Chocolate Chip---they were edible, but my Grandmother would have laughed herself sick. (I don't want to talk about it anymore)
  13. Gone skinny dipping: yes
  14. Dyed your hair: Yes, was a senior in HS, bleached the long sides, which I combed back into a great Ducktail, ---the gang loved it, my father did not. (graduated from HS 1955, twas truly "Happy Days"
  15. Stolen anything:  yes, ---you surely don't expect details of that?

  1. Played a game that required removal of clothing, and if so, was it mixed company:  Yes, a number of times, and no wasn't always mixed company.
  2. Been trashed or extremely intoxicated?: Oh yeah...many times---acouple five I don't even remember.
  3. Been caught “doing something”?: Yes---but I aint gonna give ya the gory details
  4. Been called a tease?:  No
  5. Gotten beaten up?: No, what part of my being 6'2" 185# confused ya?---no actually was smart enough not to get involved in situations that might have resulted in my being beat up---.
  6. Shoplifted?: Yes, I was one light fingered kid in grade school--but as they say, could see crime didn't pay, so gave it up.
  7. Changed who you were just to fit in?: No, I always looked for the crowd I was welcomed to as I was---and I'm still looking for it.

  1. Age you hope to be married?: No plans to ever be married
  2. Numbers and Names of Children?: No children here
  3. Describe your Dream Wedding?:  (see answer to question 1 above in this section)
  4. How do you want to die?: "Want to die" is an oxymoron--but to answer the question, --very very fast.
  5. Where you want to go to college?:  been there, done THAT, (The University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colorado----check it out---great location, great climate----if it had a beach would be the best party school ever.
  6. What do you want to be when you grow up?:  Aw jeez, I'm 71 and still getting asked this question---okayy, would ya believe "Peter Pan"? how about "Dorian Grey"?
  7. What country would you most like to visit?: It would be a toss up between Austrailia and New Zealand----.

  1. Number of people I could trust with my life?: 2, maybe only one
  2. Number of CDs that I own?:  If you count the CD's of computer programs, I guess around 40-50
  3. Number of piercings?:  None, au naturale here
  4. Number of tattoos?: None, not into body art, I get enough attention as I am
  5. Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: My name being Gary Gilmore, have lost count years ago, then the movie came out-----course that wasn't me, just the name.
  6. Number of scars on my body?: three (none of them appendix related)
  7. Number of things in my past that I regret?:  In hindsight now know several opportunities were presented to me---and my decisions made at the time I would sorely love to have changed, but then I would have missed what I did experience in my life---not all that sure I my regrets are that deep.
Anyway thats MY Nine layers, and I hope Wayne you are not all that dissappointed in my answers..  If anybody else wants to do the nine layers be by guest.


  1. (from behind the bush)Very Interesting....
    I put my 9 up...thanks for the idea!

  2. This is so interesting I love getting to know more about people and what makes them tick!

  3. This is such a great list!! It's nice getting to know you better, Gary.

  4. Hi Gary, Bonnie again. Loved this blog and when I get home from work I just might have to do my nine layers. It is great to get to know you and believe it or not I feel the same way about most everything you do. I added your name to my blog also (even though everyone who reads my blog, reads Missy's first, lol). Have a great day!

  5. Well Gary, I came to check out your blog earlier and left a comment and when I come back for a 2nd visit, my comment isn't there. Wonder what I did?! Your blogs are great and I really enjoyed the 9 layers. I may have to do that when I get home from work ( yes I get to read blogs while I'm at work). I put you on my blog link, but of course everyone who goes to my blog usually goes to Missy's first, so we have the same readers. Have a great day!

  6. I think everyone should do some if not all of these layers. It is very interesting to get to know people like this. I will try to work on the layers myself. Maybe post one layer at a time.

  7. Gary I love your Nine Layers. Thanks for sharing so honestly. I love having you as an Uncle.

  8. Gary, I have to say that blog is your greatest EVER! You really got to showcase your humor and I enjoyed all of, YOUR BEST PHYSICAL FEATURE cannot be your NON AGGRESSIVE AIR. I want the answer.

    PS Today is my 59th birthday.


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