Thursday, July 24, 2008


Its funny as hell, but in reality its not funny at all, but think about this kind of scenario. Its 8am, the middle of the morning rush hour. A local police station gets an unknown call in stating there is a bomb on the side of a major freeway. In to days environment, what should be done. Block the freeway , clear it of traffic----the turmoil will affect half the city, people can't get to work, many won't get paid for their absence, important work won't get done---shipping goals will be missed, checks not put in the mail, etc. Many people hearing the announcement will be fearful, and so keep their children at home----others afraid this might be the start of a major terrorist attack, will start runs on the local market to buy water and food supplies. Criminals knowing the police are totally tied up with the bomb incident will try and take advantage , many small store robberies, and home invasions ----. The added stress to the surrounding population , more heart attacks, strokes than usual, a larger more frequent roar of ambulance sirens, police cars, fire trucks trying to keep order-----and then a second unidentified call in---another bomb located on yet another busy section of the freeways on the opposite side of town----the resulting reaction bringing the city to total grid lock, ----the largest most populous city in the United States is brought to a standstill-----the terrorists have merely made two phone calls, and the city has totally freaked just listening to the news, as all the media tries to be first with the news.------I think perhaps it might be best if our media was somewhat more cautious about throwing up the news without first getting some modicum of comfirmation of facts-------in Los Angeles, we have more news helicopters in the air at any given time, than some third world countries have in their entire air force. Breaking news at 8am is repeated every hour on the hour with film added for the late afternoon and early evening broadcasts, and the expanded coverage of the exact same event again at 11pm----if one listens to the news all day, it sounds like a total wave of crime---but its only one incident. I really think the networks need to use their broadcast time and do less news reporting and maybe more in depth reporting of facts------but that's just MY opinion---people under 40 don't take advice from people older than them---we don't fit the demographic profile of those they are pitching all the advertising too---so forget what the old people think.----thinkaboutit------


  1. In my humble opinion I feel like they should have the FACTS before they report anything.

    I get so frustrated with "Breaking News" stories and they have NO information. And then they repeat the NO information time and time again.

    I'm 40 and I appreciate your ideas, suggestions and opinions ... even though you called me a Stepford Wife. LOL ... just teasing!

  2. I agree with my friend up before me...get the facts first, THEN report it. I know "breaking news" means that it is probably happening at the moment, but to say something like..."there is a fire downtown...more information later" leaves one wondering ...downtown where? what building or buildings? ect...Stop the tease and give us the facts please. (Just the facts Ma'm)Ok Gary...who said that? I you? :)

  3. We can't hardly listen to the news any more these days! It is very depressing.

  4. Hey! I just noticed your little drink thingy on the bottom. Have to get one for myself! I'll put it on the bottom of my page.

  5. Hi Gary,
    I am above 40 (+16) so I completely agree with you ! The networks use too much their broadcast time with news reporting instead depth reporting of facts-that's why I listen or watch the news every two days : it's enough. That's just my opinion...

  6. Glad to read I an not alone in my opinion of our modern media's manner of presenting the news. Love those Paintings you do Helen, and Sue the answer is: Jack Webb on the old TV Show "Dragnet"


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