Sunday, July 6, 2008

Canaday Day, 4th of July---and now Bastille Day.

Its interesting to note the free World democracies have their National Holidays in close proximity. Canada Day on July 1, the United States, July 4, and our good friends across the ocean France with Bastille day on July 14th. A new friend was kind enough to visit my dumb blog, and lay a nice compliment on me ---and as it turns out, she is French, its seems my list of blogger friends are coming from any number of countries---Canada, the USA of course, and now France----in any case, always nice to meet and make new friends---and the big question in MY mind is---what holiday in England best equates to being THE English National Holiday?---(yes I know I am flaunting my ignorance---of other countries History---what can I say I was educated in California by Union Teachers (oooh that's gonna get me letters)-----

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