Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Have Shopped and I have Fiddled-----and its not even dark yet.

I ventured out into the world and dutifully shopped and acquired all of the various items the LP had on his list with the exception of the Fresh Fish-----I didn't like what Ralph's was offering in the way of fresh fish, ohh it was fresh stuff, it just wasn't the kind of fish I wanted-----so I put "get fresh fish " on my list of "To Do Things" for later in the week.  I should actually write it down as I will no doubt forget---and will suddenly find out about five minutes before I reach to cook it and THEN remember I had yet to buy the stupid stuff, making for one fast trip to the store-----(fortunately its only a mile away).
     Arrived back home without further incident, put the groceries away, dished up bowl of ice cream for the LP's afternnon snack (New York Cheesecake Flavor).  and then here at the computer decided to re do my blog list to the new blogger format, so I fiddled that around----and now here I am----nobody on my list has added any new blogs, no new comments on any of mine-----so guess I will call it a day and go out on the patio and see if I can finish off another book from the Library---not to mention enjoy acouple cold brews while doing it.   Got four new movies from Netflix delivered today---won't have to subject myself to the mind rot that passes for TV tonight.
     The LP has declared the menu for tonight will be Egg Salad with Crackers and Cream of Tomato soup---actually on a hot summer day, that sounds like a good menu ----works for me anyway.  I will do the Zatarain New Orleans Rice, (adding  hamburger, smoked sausage, & shrimp) Jumbolaya one pot dinner later in the week.


  1. It sounds like you've had a good day shopping, aquiring all the esentials you'll need for the coming week. Just to let ya know, I did read all your posts, but I commented here cause no one else had yet! lol
    Have a relaxing evening with your book and or movies.

  2. I am glad it went well at the store. Have a good time with your book.


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